War of the Worlds has premiered on Fox in the UK now, so welcome to the Alien End Times, UK Gabriel Byrne Fans!

In Episode 3, things got scarier. And sadder.

Life goes on, though. Yes, but it is not easy. Or pretty. Or normal. Or any of the other things most of us have come to expect in our everyday existence: busy, rushed, full of people, full of phones.

This new life is full of uncertainty, danger, death.

And aliens.

Example of the cellphone as a poignant memory device.
Survive for another day. Well, here it is.
Even during an alien invasion, a person needs their coffee!
Reminder: always bring coffee to your partner during an alien invasion because the next thing they might do is save your life.
I’m going to science our way out of this mess. Or… never mind.
Not every one we love survives. Then what?

Music plays an unexpected part in this story. I’m trying to avoid spoilers for you, though, so I will only say that Nick Cave offered a welcome, if ironic, respite from the suspense.

Suspense which becomes more and more intense as the story develops. So many questions. So much fear and uncertainty. As often happens during a crisis, the true nature of each person begins to crystallize—we can see characters becoming themselves, or sometimes a new version of themselves, as pressure is applied. I think this process of becoming is one of the great aspects of the series.

Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern are both so memorable in this episode and they play off of each other’s strengths beautifully. I do short shrift to the other actors and the rest of the story, and I am sorry. It is a well-crafted collection of human experiences on display here and I’m only talking about one. I’m entranced and fascinated by the whole thing.

So. Here we are. Aliens attack. Then what?

We are in the “Then What” Times now.


  1. Thanks for the updates Stella, love the pictures too.

  2. This series is truly compelling for sheer suspense, an unending sense of loss and dread, and depth of characterization. Gabriel and Elizabeth have great chemistry, even though there is a great distance between them. The scenes with their son are very moving.

    • Yes. I did not want to admit that I was crying at those scenes… but I was. Of course, I cry at the drop of a hat these days. Still. Such loss and such danger all at once. And so much courage and focus, too. Great writing and acting. I’m so fascinated and entranced by this series. Far more than I imagined I would be. <3

  3. Corona war of the worlds. Stay safe and sound everyone! Good time to stay at home and watch films and series. If the virus walks towards you, run away!

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