So, that was some Gabriel Birthday Celebration, wasn’t it?! Thanks again to all the fans, past and present, who participated. It was a very special birthday, after all, and I’ve learned to pay attention to those milestones as they come shooting past, faster than time, and gone before you can say “Happy Birthday, Gabriel!”

A birthday cake that was overlooked . . .

A Post-Birthday Interview

Barry Egan has known Gabriel Byrne for a long time. In this interview, published May 17, the discussion begins with demons he wrestles with still, death, and what makes him laugh. It proceeds from there, a tour of past and present, with comments from friends and colleagues thrown in for good measure.

A taste:

And death?

“I’m not afraid of death. I am afraid of suffering. Or being a burden on my loved ones. I’m not very courageous with pain. I almost broke the bones in a nurse’s hand holding on to her as I got an injection from a doctor,” Gabriel says, recalling the incident with comic aplomb:

Doctor: “I’ve never seen a grown man so afraid of a needle. Thank God you’re not giving birth.”

Patient Gabriel: “Me too. Because that would be not just painful but very, very weird.”


How does he think his life would have panned out if he’d stayed as a schoolteacher at Ardscoil Éanna in Crumlin?

“I think I would have developed as a teacher,” he says. “It is a most under-regarded and important profession. I have the utmost respect and admiration for it. But like nurses and firemen and ambulance drivers, we don’t pay them. I would probably have gotten involved in the union to fight for better conditions.

“A good teacher leaves a lifelong impression. I had the most wonderful students. And I remember each and every one of them, and I wonder where life has brought them. I often wish I could return to teaching now that I’ve experienced something of the world.”

Read the entire article at, which seems to be hiding behind a pay wall, but if you click on it often enough, with just the right degree of desperation, it might open up for you. That’s what happened to me! wink

Gabriel, from his May 17 interview at

Still Streaming

War of the Worlds has found new viewers and continues its suspenseful scariness on EPIX, ZeroZeroZero gains new admirers around the globe at Amazon Prime, and Lost Girls has found its audience–and some glowing reviews–at Netflix. There is plenty of Present-Day Gabriel to get you through this pandemic mess in which we find ourselves, and there are also plenty of Early, Middle, and Later Gabriel movies and television series streaming through lots of different channels to keep you occupied as well.

So, Gabriel Marathon anyone!?

Gabriel as a neuroscientist, a drug broker, and a police chief–now that’s quite a resume, wouldn’t you say!?

Mogwai Soundtrack for ZeroZeroZero

Speaking of ZeroZeroZero, please pay attention to the music for the series. This is an outstanding soundtrack, beginning with the main title sequence (listen to it below), and continuing through all of the episodes. Minimalist, pulsing, rhythmic, unexpectedly emotional, and absolutely brilliant at setting the tone for each scene. I found it hypnotizing and addictive.

Mogwai, the group responsible for this aural masterpiece, made the entire soundtrack available on Bandcamp and now you can listen to it through all of the various digital streaming platforms.

Have a taste:

Dane DeHaan had some observations on his experience shooting ZeroZeroZero and being reunited with Gabriel in an interview with SBS in Australia:

“The overall ambition of the project was really exciting; filming all around the world in several languages, telling this international story,” DeHaan says over the phone (in simpler times before the COVID-19 pandemic). “I was looking to do something more gritty and real, and Chris was really cool to play. It’s a thrilling, dangerous show, with every episode like its own little movie, and Chris is just one part of this equation.”

The storyline throws DeHaan into some hair-raising scenes. “There was certainly a lot of stuff we did that felt like, ‘Wow, I hope this looks as real as it feels, because it’s actually pretty scary’. . . ”

DeHaan and co-star Riseborough (Battle of the Sexes) bonded big time as the criminally compatible siblings. “She’s just so talented and had to go through a lot of crazy stuff on the shoot too,” he reveals. “She always shows up ready, and it was so nice to work with one of my peers who is also a classically trained actor.”

It was a grand reunion, too, with In Treatment star Byrne; DeHaan played one of his patients in psychotherapist drama. “I got my start working with Gabriel and, in a lot of ways, that’s what I credit my entire career to, because it’s such an amazing opportunity for a young actor. He was always so there for me, so caring and thoughtful, and it was incredible to reunite with him 10 years later. I have a special place in my heart for Gabriel.”

Dane and Gabriel

Ghost Ship Blu-ray edition

Remember when I said there were lots of Gabriel movies to help you survive our current crisis situation?

Here’s an example: Shout! Factory is bringing Ghost Ship to Blu-Ray in a special Collector’s Edition. They are adding it to their Scream Factory Collection and they’re doing it in fine style, too, with to-be-announced extras and some fantastic artwork. This is one of Gabriel’s rare forays into the world of horror and, unlike Hereditary, which I just cannot bring myself to watch, this film seems more accessible to the “I usually don’t like horror movies” crowd, which includes me! So this Blu-Ray sounds wonderful.

Gabriel Byrne as Murphy in Ghost Ship

Special Offer: Order from and get an EXCLUSIVE 18″ X 24″ ROLLED POSTER featuring our brand new artwork!

The release date for this beauty in the USA and Canada is August 18, so mark your calendars now. When Halloween rolls around a few weeks later, you will be ready to be scared in style!

Stay at Home Irish Library

I’m not sure why I think I am responsible for your viewing schedule while you are variously observing quarantine, staying at home, or practicing social distancing, but somehow I do. So, in the spirit of providing helpful pointers to “things to watch while hiding out during a pandemic,” here’s a great option for catching up on all things Irish:

The best of Ireland to watch at home from EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum

Whether you’re missing home or simply love Irish culture, EPIC is excited to share its top picks of curated Irish content for you to enjoy at home.

Ireland has always been known for its creative sons and daughters, so it was hard to narrow down our choices. From side-splitting comedy to captivating documentaries, drama, music, poetry and podcasts, it’s all available at the click of a mouse.

Included in their offerings are The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne, Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way, links to the RTÉ Archives (a treasure trove of film and cultural programming), curated links to Irish poetry and music on YouTube, and more.

If you have a hankering (that’s what we call it in Texas!) for a taste of home, the old country, or just something new, be sure to visit. The museum is providing a great service by putting all of this amazing content in one place, and we thank them!

Blast from the Past

Miller’s Crossing: A Lamentation of Losers by the Coen Brothers, by Tim Pelan, writing for Cinephilia and Beyond

What’s the rumpus!? This article makes my Mega Movie Page look so tiny! Lots of details, background, and good old fashioned critical analysis here, so don’t dangle!

A taste from the first page:

“When I read that script, I was just like anybody I think who read it, just really impressed by how visual and literate and how complex those relationships in the story actually were,” Gabriel Byrne recalled. “When you unravel what that movie is about, it’s even more audacious that someone could base a storyline on that single conversation between Steve Buscemi’s character and mine at the bottom of the staircase. All the twists and turns, the betrayals… There were certainly Machiavellian traits in the character and as much as the film is about gangsters, it’s also a film about big business and about the nature of morality. I think when the film came out it was really underrated. There’s laugh-out-loud moments in that movie, whereas on paper, it didn’t necessarily read that way. When Albert Finney turns around and says ‘They took his hair, Tommy. They took his hair!’ And of course, we’d just seen the kid run off with the guy’s rug in the earlier scene. I asked the Coens what their inspiration was to write the film, and I forget whether it was Joel or Ethan who said to me: ‘You always see gangsters in the street, but you never see them in a forest.’ I just thought that was so brilliant. Plus, there’s so much amazing imagery: the hat floating by the camera through the forest, which is one of the most original images in film history.”

And it’s a wrap!

Death of a Ladies’ Man, still in post-production according to IMDB, is on our radar and I won’t stop trying to discover news about it, although THERE IS NO NEWS ABOUT IT!

I’m working on the Lost Girls Mega Movie Page and, now that I have some really good screencaps from fellow Byrneholic Dana, I’m closer to getting this published for your reading enjoyment.

Meanwhile, we wait for Book News and New Project News and just any NEWS at all.

I’ve got Gabriel hanging about, looking soulful, with pen and paper, in the header image for this edition of the Byrne-ing News because I want to read his book so much right this very moment!

Still, you know whenever news is to be found, you’ll hear from me, so stay tuned, stay home (if you can), stay safe, and stay happy! heart


  1. Thank you for these updates and reminders, Stella. still trying to get through the paywall on Barry Egan interview which is most intriguing. I have watched Lost Girls, War of the Worlds and Zerozerozero. Awesome work from Mr. Byrne.

  2. Hello Stella, thank you very much for the news!
    Yes, actually I use the time of the pandemic to watch the films and series with Gabriel again. It’s always great to see this talented man, but I also like to admit that I am eagerly and impatiently waiting for the film “Death of a Ladies’ Man” and also for his new book.

    It’s lucky that we wait together, that makes it a little bit easier :-)

    • Rosi, I know! I’ve just watched War of the Worlds, ZeroZeroZero, AND Lost Girls and I still want more New Gabriel! ;-)

      As soon as I hear anything about Death of a Ladies’ Man, I will post it for sure. And we know the book will be published in October or November. That is the current plan, anyway.

      So we must be patient. I’m going to watch Lost Girls again. Such a sad story, but so well told. <3


    All the messages in Gabriel’s Birthday posting were very emotive and full of feelings from all around the world. It shows us the great personality, admiration and the great work that he has done through his films and series as actor, writer, a teacher in many ways. I am sure that many of us are waiting in Argentina to see the new series like Zero Zero Zero and War of the Worlds, by Netflix or by other ways. Like ROSI, I am so anxiously waiting for the film Death of a Ladies Man. I have a great expectations for these Gabriel roles. Thanks Stella … because in this special moment all around the world all these news make us feel much better, enjoying these pages … Take Care and the best for You and all my fellows through these pages …

    • Dora, I always love your messages because I can feel how much you care about Gabriel and his work and how much you appreciate this website. Thank you for being such a loyal fan and friend. I wish you all the best too, during this strange time we are all living through. Stay safe and healthy, my friend! <3

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