March 2 Update

Here is the video of the Annual Press Photographers Association of Ireland Awards ceremony, streamed on February 26.

The first 30 minutes are photos from the past (I think) set to music. Lots of fun, but mostly there to keep you entertained while technical details were being worked out, probably.

So, thirty minutes into the video, you are welcomed by Lord David Puttnam, and then the show really gathers steam.

Gabriel is the third presenter, appearing at the 49:54 mark in the video, which can neither be embedded nor downloaded, as far as I can tell. He’s introducing the Arts and Entertainment category–of course.

And he says:

I don’t like getting my photograph taken, but I have a tremendous appreciation for what it is that a photographer and a camera can do.

So head off to the Live Stream link and take a look at all of these amazing photos from Ireland!

February 25

Gabriel Byrne should win the Zoom Award for Outstanding Service to the Virtual Community. Really, he should. He’s been Zooming his heart out since November–talking with writers and readers on his Virtual Book Tour for Walking With Ghosts, getting the word out about his new film, Death of a Ladies’ Man, and giving his voice to the array of causes and activities dear to him. We have seen more of him on our screens since the pandemic began raging through the world than ever before. There is, occasionally, a positive aspect to disasters (increased attention to hygiene rituals like washing your hands is a good thing!) and Gabriel’s appearances in our homes during this terrible time proves the adage.

Or, to put it more succinctly: If you have to be in lockdown, thank goodness for Gabriel Byrne!

On Friday, February 26, Gabriel will be one of the presenters at the annual Press Photographers Association of Ireland Awards ceremony, streamed live via their website. He joins a group of well-known countrymen-and-women to honor the artists of the camera who have captured the past year in startling and memorable images for us.

Some of the 10 categories for the award include Daily Life and People, Sports, Arts and Entertainment (this is Gabriel’s category, of course), and Politics.

The 43rd annual Press Photographers Association of Ireland ‘Press Photographer of the Year Awards’ will be broadcast at 8:00 PM on Friday, 26th February 2021 via the PPAI website Livestream.

Read more about this event at these articles from Irish Times, SHEmazing and

Here’s an example of the creative and inspiring work by Ireland’s photographers this past year, one we particularly cherish:

Director John Boorman with his son, Lee. Photo by Frank McGrath


  1. I am so glad to hear that Gabriel Byrne is giving his voice, thoughts and time to people in the art world. He always has something interesting and thoughtful to say.

  2. So glad he’s getting the word out about his book. It’s really worth the read.


    FOREVER ADMIRABLE. In all his roles, today and always, through his books and all that he does for his country, bringing us back to his life again in his books. It makes my admiration increase and I am very grateful, STELLA, for all the news and for your effort to bring it to us. All my feelings …

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