Updated May 27

Gabriel Byrne responded to the Buenos Aires International Film Festival announcement of his nomination on Instagram and I missed it until now! He speaks in Spanish and the audio is cut off, but I did want you to see his message:

Also, the film’s Instagram had a very nice shout-out to its star on winning the award:

May 26

Congratulations to Gabriel Byrne!

Gabriel has been chosen Best Lead Actor at the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, for his role as Samuel O’Shea in Matt Bissonnette’s new film Death of a Ladies’ Man!

The film has opened in cities throughout Australia and producer Corey Marr tells me that arrangements are being made for viewing in other countries now. So soon we will all be able to enjoy Gabriel on screen in his now award-winning role.

Break out the champagne and celebrate this lovely news!

And many thanks to Facebook Admin Verónica for the heads up on this! heart

The Winners

This video includes the winners for several categories, including Best Actor (at the end).

The Nominations

PS. Gabriel has appeared in a film with one of the other nominees.

Who and which film? Tell us in the Comments! wink


  1. Congrats to Gabriel. Congrats to all the winners.

  2. Verónica

    In first place it was a great pleasure to contribute some way with this Event.
    Sorry but I can’t answer your question. I don’t know :-(

  3. Congrats to Mr. Byrne. Looks like a great movie.

  4. Congratulations Gabriel. This was a magnificent and nuanced performance.
    To answer your question Stella, the other nominee is Jurgen Prochnow and the film in which they appeared together was The Keep.

    • His IS a great performance! I hope his work continues to be recognized.

      And YOU WIN! Gabriel Byrne and Jürgen Prochnow (Das Boot, Dune, The English Patient) worked together in THE KEEP in 1983. Ian McKellen was in that film as well.

  5. Verónica

    About Angelle’s answer, I know why I didn’t know about your question Stella.
    Because of the history of that movie, I didn’t watch it and will not either.
    You know why :-)

  6. Verónica

    Gabriel speaks a wonderful Spanish, with almost no foreign accent, which is GREAT, because Spanish is completely different from anglosaxon languages and for somebody like Gabriel, who is Irish, it’s a great achievement and to have a very good ear, to be able to speak a Latin language. My sincere congratulation to him <3

  7. Michelle Lekas

    I cannot wait to see DOALM!

    Do you know when it will stream in US?

    Also, does anyone know if he shows up again in IN TREATMENT after season 3?

    • Hi, Michelle! No word on Death of a Ladies’ Man in the US yet. We expect it to be in theaters probably this fall, with streaming soon after.

      And there is no information on the reappearance of Paul Weston in In Treatment. We just have to wait and see!

  8. Michelle Lekas

    Thank you, Stella!


    REALLY VERONICA I think the same like you … is wonderful to hear him talking in Spanish … of course he is the BEST IN MANY WAYS … I couldn’t enjoy this news until now because my computer was so bad ,,, I AM SO GRATEFUL TO YOU AND STELLA FOR SEND ME ALL THESE NEWS all the time … IT IS VERY EMOTIONAL FOR ME CAN BE SO NEAR YOU AND GABRIEL THROUGH THESE PAGES … THANKS AGAIN

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