I know, I know! As a Byrneholic, you have already read Gabriel Byrne’s new memoir, Walking With Ghosts.

More than once. Am I right? Well, I have and I’m sure many of us have fallen under the spell of his intricate prose and remarkable images on multiple occasions. It is a great book, full of insight and wonder.

And now you have a chance to win a SIGNED copy of this lovely tome!

Crossing the Line Podcast, who brought us that wonderful interview with Gabriel recently, is sponsoring this opportunity.

Head over to Twitter by clicking on the embedded tweet below and follow the instructions there. You have until Halloween, October 31, to enter to win!

Just think. This would make a fabulous holiday gift, for yourself or another Byrneholic you might know, wouldn’t it?

Go ahead. Give it a go! For Gabriel’s book. heart

A signed copy of me could be yours. heart

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  1. Well it’s like I can never find a signed copy of this book… or can I???

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