Celebrate the holidays with this Gabriel Byrne Holiday Media Festival of poetry, film, and television!

Gabriel Reads the Classic Christmas Poem

Two Clips from Gabriel’s New Film, Death of a Ladies’ Man

With music by the legendary Leonard Cohen. heart

Season 1 of Bracken, Gabriel’s Irish Television Series

The Official Byrneholics Holiday Wallpaper for 2021

Happy Holidays to Byrneholics Everywhere! May your presents be the right size and color, your cookies and candies super-sweet and gooey, and your time with friends and family warm, harmonious, and filled with laughter and love! heart


  1. Dear Stella,
    Sending all the Season’s best wishes your way. Have a wonderful New Year ! Let’s all shine a light on 2022 which will be a year of hope and new beginnings…❤✌

    • Thank you, Angelle! I echo your wishes for the New Year. We all need hope and new beginnings, especially after these past two years. I remain optimistic. Let’s shine a light on the coming year and make it the brightest and best year yet! <3

  2. GabrielFanWicklow

    Dear Stella,

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! The Wallpaper is simply fantastic.

    A wonderful writer and a truly lovely lady, Stella took the time to help me with a Gabriel related gift for my father. It made his Christmas more special to say the least. She’s a star!

    • Thanks for your kind words, GFW! ‘Tis the season for giving and I was glad to be the Christmas Elf for your dad. All the best to you both and Happy New Year! <3

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