I’m not going out. Are you? No? Well, then. Let’s stay in and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day at home. We’ve got food (shepherd’s pie or Irish stew), drink (Guinness comes in bottles now in case you haven’t heard and you can find Barry’s Tea almost everywhere now–except Far West Texas, apparently!). I’m offering a bit of entertainment below. I wish I could toast you all in person and pinch everyone not wearing the green, but alas. Maybe next year!

And if you want to say “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” in Irish Gaelic, check out this article from Irish Central. You will learn a few more phrases as well!

Poetry and Music: Gabriel Byrne and Martin Hayes

Film: Into The West

I always recommend watching Into the West for St. Patrick’s Day. I appreciate this film for its unsentimental look at Ireland, its history, and its people, but it also gives us a sense of the landscapes and lives that continue to be informed by the country’s myths and stories. There is an enthralling spirit that brings you into this tale of Ossie and his magical horse and today’s holiday is the perfect time to give yourself up to it.

It’s quite possible that next year, once I’ve finally seen it, Death of a Ladies’ Man will be a choice for this holiday as well. I know that Gabriel’s character returns to Ireland and I have seen several shots from the film that look breath-taking and perfect for this day. So, stay tuned for next year!


Nothing new here, but then again, this is such a traditional kind of day that you rather expect to see the old stuff, yes? It’s always fun (for me, anyway) to look at this past creations and remember how much we love Gabriel Byrne. He has taught us so much about what it means to be Irish, and that is a very special gift. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, to Gabriel and to Byrneholics Everywhere! heart


  1. Happy St. Patrick’s day. I don’t know how to make that food or where to order any here. I picked up a Jigg’s dinner for tonight. Do you know Guinness has a no-alcohol beer?
    I’ll be staying home. I hope Ireland is safe today-lots of protests are expected.

    • I did not know Guinness had such a thing, Terri. Good for them!

      People protesting lockdowns during a pandemic? I wish they could get vaccinated.

      Have a safe holiday! <3


    SOMETIME LATER … but Happy ST. PATRICK’S Day at the distance. The best for all you. It is always very special to hear Gabriel recite … It is very emotional … And the green colours are the emotions. He has this ability through his words and his films. I love listening to him like all you … Thanks STELLA …

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