2021 has been a banner year for Gabriel Byrne. Here’s a handy list, just to jog your memory:

  • Published his second memoir, Walking With Ghosts, to wide acclaim and an infinite series of Zoom conversations
  • Starred in Death of a Ladies’ Man, written and directed by Canadian Matt Bissonnette, with music by Leonard Cohen
  • Awarded the Irish Film and Television Academy’s Best Actor prize for his work in that film
  • Led a desperate group of alien attack survivors to a seemingly successful conclusion in EPIC’s series War of the Worlds–but there is a third season on the way!
  • Helped celebrate the grand opening of the new Irish Arts Center in New York City, a project close to his heart
  • Continued to engage viewers with recent thrilling series ZeroZeroZero and scary movie Hereditary
  • Completed shooting new films Murder at Emigrant Gulch and Lamborghini: The Legend
  • Announced participation in new films Saving Mozart, based on the book by Raphaël Jerusalmy, and Dance First, a biopic in which he will portray Samuel Beckett
  • Last but not least, scheduled to hit the boards in January 2022 at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin with a one man show based on his book, Walking With Ghosts
  • And traveled to Wales and England and Ireland and Montana and who knows where else!

This is the stuff I remember without checking. I’m exhausted just typing this list.

And SO excited! Because I can’t wait to see what this incredible artist does next.

Happy New Year to you, Mr. Byrne.

Thank you for entertaining us, sharing your story with us, enriching our lives, inspiring us, and bringing us so much joy!

I might have said “me” instead of “us,” but I know YOU, dear reader, feel the same way. heart

Festive Wallpapers

I would observe that I don’t make as many Gabriel Wallpapers as I used to. It’s unfortunate, but true. I spend a lot of that creative energy maintaining this website, ensuring it is updated and visually interesting (as well as I can anyway, considering I’m no graphic designer!) and trying to keep track of this incredibly busy man. So, when a holiday, any holiday, rolls around, I find I’m scrambling to celebrate it in an appropriately Byrneholic way. Below is what happens when I scramble for New Year’s Eve. wink

A Blast from the Past

Invoking the Book Cover

Current Affairs

I hope you will decorate your desktops and phones and enjoy these Byrne-ing Wishes for a Great New Year! heart

A Thoughtful Observation from Breda O’Brien for The Irish Times

This article is behind a paywall, so I bring you some bits and pieces of it here because it is always lovely to see how Gabriel Byrne inspires us all.

And Finally, There is Nothing Like a Man in a Tuxedo

And when that man is Gabriel Byrne? Well. See for yourself.

Gabriel Byrne as Lord Hugo Bruckton in DARK OBSESSION
The Comptons: Gabriel Byrne as Harry and Emily Watson as Ruby
Gabriel Byrne attends the premiere of LOUDER THAN BOMBS
at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Now that you are inspired (or possibly fainted), go forth and celebrate the dawning of a New Year! Let’s make it a great one, okay? heart


  1. Just when I had the cast of MITIM pop up on my Facebook memories today!

    Also, in the unlikely event you hear of nuestra amor coming to Michigan, you’ll tell me, right? (I mean, it’ll probably be the Detroit area, but a girl can dream. LOL)

    • What a coincidence! I’m updating the Mega Movie Page for THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK this very moment! Watch for a posting when I’m finished updating it.

      Michigan, you say? The chances are minuscule, but you never know. If I hear of such an amazing event, I will certainly alert you.

      Happy New Year, Corazón, and never stop dreaming! <3


    HELLO STELLA … I am so sorry because I can’t answer all these news in time. My PC is not working well and my work in this pandemic is very complicated. Just now I can do it. I am very grateful to you for all this news, all of it wonderful. All my congratulations to our dear Gabriel and Spirit of Ireland Gala. The best success for this special place where you can enjoy the Music, the Dance, the best actors, with all their magic. Thanks for the opportunity of Bracken 1 And 2. So special that all of them have not been lost. I can’t find the page about Dance First. It must be my mistake. Thanks Stella these are the best present that I have had in these festivities. And about his films: excellent and very emotional! Into the West, Carrie Pilby in the Central Park, and wonderful all his photographs for our PC. Thanks. And the Best Holidays for you. You are the Best. All my gratitude. Don’t forget me . . . all my feelings . . .

    • DORA! I would never forget you. I hope you get some time away from your work so you can celebrate the New Year!

      I am always so glad to hear from you and to know that your are enjoying the articles being posted here. Keeping up with Gabriel Byrne is quite a job, as it turns out, and there always seems to be more news every day. So, we will never be without stories about our favorite Irishman and his activities. And that is such a GIFT! Thanks for being a loyal Byrneholic all these years.

      All the best to YOU in this new year that we all hope is better than the last year! Long life, peace, and good fortune to you.

      Stella <3

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