According to producer Corey Marr, Gabriel’s new film, Death of a Ladies’ Man, written and directed by Matt Bissonnette, co-starring Jessica Paré and Brian Gleeson, and with music by Leonard Cohen, will be available in theaters and streaming services beginning March 12!

I am not sure if this premiere is limited to Canada or not, so stay tuned for more details. And cross your fingers! heart

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As more theater and streaming details become available, I’ll post them, of course. In the meantime, Mongrel Media has provided additional production stills for the film, so head over and take a look at all of those goodies. They are all downloadable! Here are my favorites:

Gabriel Byrne as Samuel O’Shea
Gabriel Byrne as Samuel O’Shea and Michael Hearn as Frankenstein
Jessica Paré as Charlotte and Gabriel Byrne as Samuel
A scene from Death of a Ladies’ Man

And here’s the trailer:

And for all you fans in Ontario, Stephanie, a Gabriel Fan in Canada, writes:

Hi Stella. If fans living in Ontario Canada want to watch Death of a Ladies Man, they can buy tickets for a virtual film festival coming up in Kingston, ON. Here’s the page to buy a ticket or pass.

Great festival that I’ve been involved in for years and have been waiting for a Gabriel film to become available for over a decade. Let me know if you need any more info.

Many thanks to Stephanie! The film premieres at the film festival this Saturday, February 27. I won’t be mad if you live in Ontario and get to see this film before I do. I promise. I won’t be mad.

Much. wink

Thanks to Corey Marr for keeping us updated on this exciting new Gabriel film! heart


  1. Wonderful, poignant, funny, inventive film. I don’t want to gloat but I’ve seen it twice!!

    • You are lucky we are friends. TWICE ! ! ! ! Not even remotely fair.

      But I am glad you have seen it. Supernova, another Mongrel Media title, popped up on Amazon for rental over the weekend. So did Falling, Another Round, and The Two of Us.

      So! I am hopeful. PS. Supernova was excellent. Truly. <3

    Just received a newsletter that our last remaining locally-owned repertory cinema is bringing this film to my city. The Mayfair Theatre has a quirky vibe and is a vintage theatre built in 1932. Cinemas have only recently re-opened after a 52 -day lockdown, allowing only 50 people per screening. Oh to be in a theatre again ….

    • Will you go to the theater to see Death of a Ladies’ Man? Really? Oh, how I envy you. The Mayfair sounds perfect for the occasion. I hope you go. Take a pic of the theater for me. Just so I remember what they look like, okay? <3

      • Dear Stella,
        While I would love to see this film on the big screen, I don’t think I will risk it due to the pandemic.

        • I understand. I would not chance it, either. But someday, we will once again be sitting in the dark and enjoying the wonders of the silver screen and real movie popcorn! ;-)


            Looks like you great folks in the USA will get to watch this online on March 20, at the USA premiere at Cinequest Film Festival!!!!!

          • Thanks for this, Angelle. I had noticed a tweet from Cinequest, but thought the film would be “wide” by then. . .

            Now it would seem that this is currently the only way to see the film in the USA prior to this summer.

            I will publish a posting with the details. <3


    DEAR STELLA: All of this news is excellent. I am so late sometimes to see these. My work these days is very difficult due to the pandemic. I assist people of all ages, with all kinds of problems … but I’m ever present. And all this news about GABRIEL makes me forget and enjoy, every day, these pages. I wait for the day I can have his book in my hands and enjoy streaming his new film if it is ever available. All my feelings to my fellows here on these pages.

    • All the best to you too Dora. Thank you for helping people during the pandemic. I hope you get to read Gabriel’s wonderful book and watch Death of a Ladies Man soon .

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