Gabriel Byrne’s latest film is in the news on an international scale now: premieres, festivals, behind the scenes, fan works. Death of a Ladies’ Man is making a splash in global waters!

Premiering in Australia!

Thanks to producer Corey Marr for the heads up on this great news!

Premiering May 20, in 70 theaters! Wow. All of you Byrneholics Down Under must run, not walk, to your local theater (if you are allowed to do so and if it is safe for you, of course!) and watch this amazing film. Then please report back here with your impressions! Those of us in the USA and the UK are still waiting–and we do not have any news yet about when Death of a Ladies’ Man is coming our way. WAH! But we know it will eventually.

What shall we do while we wait? I know!

GIFs by Josh

In keeping with the “international” theme, I will note that our Twitter friend and master GIF-maker Josh lives in Canada!

Thank you, Josh, for helping us get through “The Time of Waiting for Death of a Ladies’ Man,” which is a subset of “How I Spent the Time of the Pandemic.” The pandemic might almost be over, and we hope waiting for this movie will be over soon, too. wink

Worth waiting for, of course. heart

Buenos Aires Film Festival

While most of us wait to see this lovely film (don’t gloat, you fortunate Canadians and Australians!), Argentina is on the forefront, already screening the film at their international film festival and bestowing accolades on Gabriel’s latest foray into movie-making.

According to the film’s Instagram, Death of a Ladies’ Man has received festival nominations for Best Film, Best Actor: Gabriel Byrne, Best Supporting Actress: Jessica Paré, and Best Supporting Actor: Brian Gleeson.

Congratulations to all! heart

Behind the Scenes: Seeing Double

And speaking of our favorite movie that most of us have not yet seen, we recently discovered Gabriel’s double on this film. is “Canada’s Home for Stunt Performers” and one of their members, Marcello Bezina, was spotlighted on the homepage as “Doubling Gabriel Byrne.” If you’ve seen the film, then you know there are a few scenes in which Marcello would have been very helpful, so we thank him for “stunting” for our favorite Irishman!

Also: Doubling Scarves!

A Note about Film Reviews + A Video

There are reviews for Death of a Ladies’ Man being published in Australia now, but most of them are behind a pay wall. So, I will wait until the film is released in the USA, where I have subscriptions to more news outlets, so I can bring you the critical response with quotes and pics. Keep this film in your hearts and, if we are fortunate, we shall see it this summer or later in the Fall.

It’s only a matter of time before we all have a chance to see this remarkable new film.

Yes, I’m an optimist by nature.

Stay tuned for more news as it happens! heart


  1. Thanks Stella. What he says about talking things out is true, but not in my family. You stay to yourself and don’t share emotions.


    Without a doubt it will be a very emotional film … like others of our Dear Gabriel … We wait for this anxiously. All my feelings for all of you in these pages … Thanks Stella.

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