Gabriel Byrne won the award for Best Actor Film at this year’s IFTA celebration and now Ireland gets a chance to see why!

The 2021 Kerry International Film Festival runs October 14 -17, in person AND online.

In Person

If you are lucky enough to be in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland, then you can hop over to CinemaKillarney on October 14 and watch this lovely film in person, popcorn and all.


If you are lucky enough to live in Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, you can stream this lovely film, beginning October 14, in the comfort of your own home, popcorn and all.

Either way, you should reserve your tickets at the links above NOW!

Yes, I added the screenshot from Death of a Ladies’ Man. wink
Wouldn’t it be nice to be there!?


  1. Croí na hÉireann

    Of course it would! I’ve only seen a little pocket of the country.

    I tried listening to the podcast at the gym, but it was too loud…and His voice made me want to both go back and watch the Try Channel (fka Facts) at the same time. xD

    • I’ve been to Dublin twice and visited Dingle and Galway, but there is so much! I long to go back to Ireland. <3

      Which podcast? What is the Try Channel?

      The only thing I can do when listening to the voice of Gabriel Byrne speaking is to listen to the voice of Gabriel Byrne speaking.


  2. Can this film
    Festival be accessed online in the US?

    • No, I’m afraid it cannot. Sorry.

      I tried to explain that in the posting. Ireland and Northern Ireland only.

      There are many Byrneholics in those places, though. :-)

  3. Kathleen Callaway-Reed-Eischeid

    Any news about when this can be seen in the United States yet ?

    • Kathleen, I’m afraid there is NO news about a US release. Or a UK release. Or a European release (although the film was released in Austria, apparently).

      Producer Corey Marr has promised he will let us know when he has news about release dates, so we must be patient and stand by! <3

  4. Kathleen Callaway-Reed-Eischeid

    meant to say the film Death of a Ladies Man..

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