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Below are the first images we have of Gabriel Byrne from his new film, Lamborghini, in which he plays the rival, Enzo Ferrari. They are fuzzy and a bit out of focus, but we have them, thanks to a website called Bad Taste Italy, which proves that website names can be misleading, because these pics are definitely in good taste!

The Article

Bad Taste Italy

Gabriel Byrne and Mira Sorvino have joined the cast of Lamborghini, the film about the life of Ferruccio Lamborghini starring Frank Grillo as the iconic founder of the car company. Byrne will be Enzo Ferrari, while Sorvino will be Anita, Lamborghini’s second wife.

Filming started in 2018, when the sequences on Lamborghini’s youth were shot, with the involvement of Fortunato Cerlino, Romano Reggiani and Hannah Van Der Westhuysen (there was talk of two prominent actors who, however, do not seem to be involved anymore). Now they have restarted in the area of ​​Cento and Pieve di Cento, and will continue in the coming days in San Pietro in Casale, Misano Adriatico, Bologna and Rome. Everything will end on 8 October.

ILBE (Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment) is curating the production together with Notorious Pictures. Directed and written by Bobby Moresco, Oscar winner for the screenplay of Crash.

The film is based on Ferruccio Lamborghini: the official story, a biography written by his son Tonino Lamborghini, and will tell the life of the entrepreneur who started from the construction of tractors, passing through military vehicles during the Second World War and then the cars of luxury after the war.

Source: Il Resto Del Carlino

il Resto del Carlino is an Italian newspaper based in Bologna, and is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy. Their article is behind a pay wall, so thank you, Bad Taste Italy!

First Pics

Gabriel Byrne as Enzo Ferrari
“Land of Engines, 1948”
Oh. Oh. That car. I want one.
Notice the cobblestone street . . .

Additional Thoughts

This movie has been in the works for at least the last four years. I imagine it was started and stopped several times for various reasons, the main one being the pandemic. It was originally set to star Antonio Banderas as Lamborghini, but apparently he had to bow out due to scheduling issues with another of his projects. Then Alec Baldwin, who was going to play Ferrari, also stepped aside for similar reasons. So now we have the current casting: Frank Grillo as Lamborghini and our favorite Irishman, Mr. Byrne, as Enzo Ferrari.

Mira Sorvino has also stepped in to play Lamborghini’s wife, Anita. She and Gabriel appeared on screen together in another film that took place on foreign shores, although in that case, it was much colder! Can you name the movie?

Filming for Lamborghini seems to have ramped up just as Gabriel was finishing his third season shoot of War of the Worlds in the UK. And it will go by fast: October 8 is set to be the final day.


I’ve been a racing car fan ever since I saw A Man And A Woman (1966) on the big screen when I was in college. The love story is the focus, of course, and ensures this film will always be remembered. But the scenes of the man, a race car driver, testing the car in fair weather and rain, taking his hands off the wheel to see how stable the drive was, racing in this very fast car (which turns out to be, in a disappointing way somehow, a Ford Mustang), were tense and exhilarating! When you’re young, you’re immortal, so going fast just seems normal and fun. Driving a stick around sharp corners on city streets and going way too fast on the empty roads of Texas are nice memories now, as is a wild ride (do not ask me how fast we were going that day because I will lie to you) in a kit Cobra not many years ago. Now I tootle along at 30 mph in a little town that has no red lights. Seriously. So watching good films about fast cars, like Ford v Ferrari, is how I fill that need for speed.

And I’ve always loved Ferrari. Something about the designs over the years has appealed to me more than any other racing/performance/luxury car out there. My bank account sighs as much as I do when I think about owning one, but dreams are good for the soul. So they say.

Ferrari built this the year after I was born — 1954.
I love it. cool

The Martini

Andrea Cavalieri shared this pic on Instagram.

Love these smiles. martini

More news as it happens.

And we have THIS news thanks to intrepid Internet detective and Facebook Administrator Violetta, whom we thank! heart


  1. Croí na hÉireann

    Have you tried European go-karts, Stella? They don’t have a governor like American karts and can really tear around the track. My first time was…(haha)…in Ireland and I loved it. (So I came in last! I wasn’t accustomed to those hairpin turns! And I was still a little sick.)

    I’d race our man any day, so long as he didn’t putter along and make me want to run over him!

    • Those go-carts sound wonderful!

      I think Mr. Byrne is more of a walker than a race car driver. And I think he could out-walk me easily, even though I’m a hiker and a walker myself! <3

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