Mongrel Media, the Canadian distributor for the film, has provided this Zoom conversation on their Instagram feed.

So here we have Gabriel talking with someone (who is this guy!?) about his new film Death of a Ladies’ Man.

This is a lovely look at why Gabriel chose the role, his regard for Leonard Cohen, his experiences making the film in Canada and Ireland, and what he’s up to now.

He really is an inspirational man. I am always energized by listening to him talk and share his ideas and experiences. He has thought a great deal about issues that are important to us all, I think: family, love, work, the nature of success and ambition, the importance of learning to live in the moment, not the past or the future.

And he’s definitely writing that novel. Yay!

Enjoy! heart

Canadian reviews for the film are uniformly glowing. I’ll get a review round-up together soon.

And as soon as there is ANY news about a release date in the USA and beyond, I’ll get that to you, too!


  1. He mentioned more War Of The Worlds. Which I still need to see about watching. Happy Pi day! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Very interesting point’s about people’s life and problems along the way.


    REALLY EXCELLENT interview. He is so expressive in all his forms. This film is very real and makes me very emotional … my work is to be near people with different illnesses, physical and emotional. Sometimes I am so surprised by the many different decisions involved in whether they get well or not. Thanks to GOD many of them are so good now, and it makes me be so happy of course … This film touches my heart so much. I wait to see it anxiously … THANKS STELLA …

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