This new western is not Gabriel Byrne’s first rodeo. He appeared in Jim Jarmusch’s black and white homage to the genre, Dead Man, in 1995 and played Teddy Blue in the television series Buffalo Girls, based on Larry McMurtry’s book, that same year. But this is the first time he is going to play “the law.” I think the hat is the same, however.

The big news is that the film has wrapped and, along the way, added some new faces, including Nat Wolff, brother to Alex (Gabriel’s son in both In Treatment and Hereditary) and Richard Dreyfuss, who is keeping very busy these days.

Murder at Emigrant Gulch is now in post-production, with a release date set for December 6, 2021. Just in time for the holidays!

Deadline has the news:

EXCLUSIVE: Production has wrapped on Murder At Emigrant Gulch, the Western-thriller starring Gabriel Byrne, Thomas Jane and Isaiah Mustafa, directed by Richard Gray (Robert The Bruce). We also can reveal four first-look photos from the movie above and below.

Cast to have joined the film since we revealed the project include Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss (The Goodbye Girl), Nat Wolff (The Stand), Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect), Aimee Garcia (Dexter) and Zach McGowan (Black Sails).

Scottie Thompson, Emma Kenney, Tanaya Beatty, John Ales and singer/youtube star Lia Marie Johnson round out the cast alongside Isabella Ruby in her feature debut

Read more at the Deadline article and check out the cool promo shots. More of these will be coming soon, no doubt!

Tiny pics are better than no pics . . . And yes, that is Richard Dreyfuss behind the bar!

More information is also available at the IMDB Page for Murder at Emigrant Gulch.

To refresh your memory:


Set in 1882, the film follows a former slave (Mustafa) who arrives in Emigrant Gulch, Montana, a desolate former boomtown now on the decline, looking for a place to call home. On that same day, a local prospector discovers gold – and is murdered. The sheriff (Byrne) arrests the town newcomer. But as the mystery of the prospector’s murder deepens, and the town’s earnest preacher (Jane) questions the accused man’s guilt, a clash between faith and the law threatens to tear the town apart.

A Word from the (Happy) Director

Director Richard Gray is @happydirector on Instagram and he had this to say as the film wrapped shooting:

f8 Films

There are several production companies involved in the making of this film. One of them is f8 Films. Murder at Emigrant Gulch is listed on their roster of current projects with this poster:

f8 Films Poster

Instagram is our Friend

Thomas Jane, Renegade Entertainment, Isaiah Mustafa, and director Richard Gray are all active on Instagram and all shared pics before and during this shoot. No one shared a pic of OUR HERO, but that’s okay. We’ll wait. In the meantime, here is a sampling of their snaps, for which we say Thank You! heart

Time to Hit the Road!

We can’t all go to Montana, so here is a summertime wallpaper to help you imagine you are LEAVING YOUR HOUSE after the pandemic and GOING OUT ON THE ROAD.

Staying home is still a really good idea, though, due to the increase in virus variants, as well as other continuing challenges.

I have a better idea. Gabriel will go out on the road for us. Soon, we can all go zoom zoom, too.

Thanks, Mr. Byrne. heart

On the Road Again, a wallpaper by Stella


  1. Looks interesting. I’ve always loved westerns. Great to see mr. Dreyfus. Although I always hear jaws music when I see him. Thanks Stella!!

  2. Michelle Lekas

    Can’t wait to watch


    It is wonderful to know that even in the middle of the pandemic, our dear Gabriel goes on filming. And giving in his films and series the best of himself, as always.

    I wish him all the success in all he undertakes. All my feelings . . .

  4. The mules in this movie belong to my brother. Can’t wait to watch

    • Oh Betty! Do you live in Montana? This is the coolest thing about your brother and his mules. I love it! We are full of anticipation for this movie, too! <3

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