September 5

The very gracious Jessica Louise Thompson, Tailor has shared more pics of her fine Hero Coat and The Hero Himself wearing it! We thank her for her generosity!

A smiling Sheriff and Friend
The Sheriff gets a Name!

August 19

Gabriel Byrne’s Montana adventure, Murder at Emigrant Gulch, is in post-production now, with an expected release date of December 6, 2021–just in time for the holidays!

As far as I can tell, there is no official promotional stuff available yet–poster, trailer, promo pics, etc. But these will come. We must be patient. Don’t yell at me. I know we want to see Gabriel way out West, and we will!

So, to help you with the wait, here are some behind the scenes shots provided, very kindly, by folks involved with the production. We offer them a mighty Hi O Silver, Away! Or something western-y . . . Sorry. wink

Jessica Louise Thompson, Tailor

Ms. Thompson’s Instagram posting tells the story below. You can visit her website for some impressive design and artwork. Her tailoring for this film (one of her first projects as an actual tailor, apparently!) looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see her work in action.

The Gabriel Byrne Hero Coat

Schultz Wrangling

These are the people who keep the horses and other livestock and animals happy and non-violent on set. This production looks like it included a large number of beautiful horses like the two you see here.

And yes, that is Mr. Byrne on the left. I wonder how many horses he has ridden on film now? This one is gorgeous and he looks dashing in all black. That’s actor Danny Bohnen riding beside him.

Gabriel Byrne, Danny Bohnen, and Friends

Lew Temple, The Texacan

You probably recognize Mr. Temple from his work in The Walking Dead, among the many projects in which he has participated over the years. His work on this film may be uncredited, because I can’t find him listed anywhere, but he was obviously there and contributing! And he’s contributed some nice pics for us, so kudos to him for that! heart

Don’t shoot, Gabriel! We’re on YOUR side!
That’s Richard Dreyfuss at top left, our favorite sheriff top right,
then Thomas Jane bottom left and Isaiah Mustafa bottom right,
all with Lew Temple, The Texacan

Gabriel: Where are you going, Lew?
Lew: Oh, I’m just gonna hop over here for a bit!

Release Dates

From DVD Releases

A closing treat

Tessla Hastings is the production designer for the film. She posted some images on her website–small, but lovely–and here is the one I want to share with you. If you share it elsewhere, please credit her. Her work on this project looks exemplary and I can’t wait to see Gabriel Byrne on the big screen, portraying his character in her beautiful designs.

Stay tuned for more information as I find it! And if you find it first, let me know! heart


  1. Can’t wait to see this. I love a good western. ❤

  2. We FINALLY have an answer to “look! In my hand! It’s tickets to that thing you want!”

    It’s apparently “tickets to a Gabriel Byrne movie”.

    • First, we want DEATH OF A LADIES’ MAN.
      Then we want MURDER AT EMIGRANT GULCH.
      After that, WAR OF THE WORLDS, Season 3.
      The only other project I know anything about is SAVING MOZART, and we want THAT, too! <3

      PS. Look at the range here: dark comedy, Western, Sci-Fi, and drama. Amazing!


    SORRY STELLA I AM SO LATE because of my work. Recently reading such special news about all the films and series that our dear GABRIEL was doing, all them very hard and that we cannot lose. I hope that all of them can be seen in Argentina through Amazon, Netflix or another way. Thanks for all and for always being present. It is a pleasure for me to receive all this news. All my feelings for all of you in these pages. Take care.

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