March 12 Update

Matt Bissonnette, the writer/director of the film, tells us via Instagram that Death of a Ladies’ Man will not be available in the USA until this summer or fall.

March 10

Everyone says:

Death of a Ladies’ Man is in select theaters and on Digital & VOD starting March 12, 2021

And I choose to believe them! I have a fear that only lucky Canadians will get their hands on this gem, but I continue to hope I am wrong.

In the meantime, here are three short interviews with Gabriel and his director, Matt Bissonnette, talking–and laughing a lot!–about their new film:

And, one more time, with feeling: THE TRAILER!

Ever since this very first promotional still popped up in September of 2019, I know we have all been waiting impatiently for this film:

If we are lucky, Friday will be the day. Cross your fingers and get that popcorn ready! tongue martini


  1. It’s almost here. Yippie!!!

  2. Such wonderful interviews. You can tell these two enjoyed working together. This film tells real truths about love and death with dignity, interspersed with a wry and gentle humour. I loved it. One of his finest performances.


    I shall wait until I can enjoy this special film in any way I can see it! Like all of you I have great expectations for it. So many feelings in this movie about the reality of a diagnosis. I wait for it anxiously. THANKS STELLA

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