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Cinequest Virtual Film Festival

On Saturday, March 20, at 7:15pm CST, Cinequest/Cinejoy Film Festival will premiere Death of a Ladies’ Man.

Datebook/San Francisco Chronicle tells us:

The festival is broken into two sections: Showcase Screenings and Spotlight Events. The showcase films are the ones screening on demand throughout the festival. The spotlight events are for appointment viewing, at specific times.

The Spotlight Events are also the festival’s biggest films . This year’s highlights include the opening-night feature, “Death of a Ladies’ Man,” starring Gabriel Byrne as a man whose brain tumor causes movie-musical hallucinations, inspired by the oeuvre of Leonard Cohen.

Byrne will take part in a live conversation preceding the screening, while a Q&A with other cast members and crew will occur after the movie.

Other spotlights include tributes to Eddie Izzard, who screens his latest film, a prewar thriller, “Six Minutes to Midnight,” and Sam Neill, who is screening one of his most recent films, 2020’s “Rams,” a comedy about feuding sheep farmer brothers.

So, now we do not have to wait until summer or fall to watch this new film of Gabriel’s! That is really good news, at a time when I think all of us can use some really good news. I hope you have the opportunity to watch Death of a Ladies’ Man. I know I will be glued to my computer screen, popcorn in hand, enjoying Gabriel’s comments before the film and then the film itself. I can’t wait! heart

Gabriel + Matt Zoom Again

Thanks to Charles in Canada for the heads up on this one!

Leora Heilbronn at BriefTake gets Gabriel and Matt to smile a lot during this conversation. Leora says:

I’ve long been an admirer of acclaimed actor Gabriel Byrne’s work on screen (In Treatment, Vikings, The Usual Suspects…I could go on and on highlighting the projects in which he delivered searing performances), and I was fascinated by Matt Bissonnette’s cinematic love letter to Leonard Cohen, so it was a pleasure to chat over Zoom video with the incredibly talented pair.

Be sure to check out the Interviews Page for Gabriel video and audio interviews you may have missed! heart


  1. Enjoy streaming the film tomorrow my friends. You will not be disappointed!!!!


    Oh, Stella. I can’t watch it yet. Not in any way. I can’t stream now … I lost that possibility. Thanks for the special interviews. All my gratitude to you. The best for all of you.

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