December 17

The Bracken Season 2 YouTube Playlist, with all 6 episodes, is now available!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you! heart

December 12

One of the perks of being a Byrneholic is sharing Gabriel Byrne’s work—his movies and TV series, his books and interviews, and his pictures, of course—both with die-hard fans and with those who are just passing by on Twitter or Facebook or wherever and expressing an interest. I meet the nicest people that way.

And here is a perfect example of just that.

One day I received an email from the Contact Us page at this website. Someone was offering to give me ALL of the episodes of Gabriel Byrne’s early Irish television series, Bracken, taped long ago from television, and now in digital form, without ads or breaks. The video quality is at times a bit shaky and the audio has some static, but each episode is watchable–and so much fun!

But HOW to share this bounty with me?

I, of course, jumped on this generous offer like a Texas jackrabbit (they’re amazing jumpers, I can tell you!) with advice about sharing methods and with tons of preliminary gratitude.

That someone turned out to be Aidan, a Bracken fan, and now, at last and out of the blue, we have all 12 of the Bracken episodes.

Here is the YouTube playlist of Bracken, Season 1, which contains 6 episodes:

Nollaig Shona Duit and Happy Holidays, everyone, and many thanks to you, Aidan, for sharing your treasure! heart

Descriptive Text I Added to Each Video

Thanks to BRACKEN Fan Aidan, all 12 episodes of BRACKEN, complete without breaks or ads, are now available. These were taped from television. The video quality is a bit shaky and the audio has some static, but each episode is still watchable.

Bracken was a rural drama written by Wesley Burrowes. It was broadcast by RTÉ in 1980 and 1982 as two six-part mini-series. The RTÉ Guide published a front cover article about the first series on 4 January 1980. An article about the second series appeared in the RTÉ Guide of 1 January 1982.

The cast included:

Gabriel Byrne as Pat Barry
Niall Tóibín as Edward Daly
Mick Lally as Miley Byrne
Joe Lynch as Dinny Byrne
Sean Lawlor as Peter Thompson
Fiona Victory as Louise Daly
Dana Wynter as Jill Daly

The best information available regarding the series episodes, provided by Paul English, is:

Series 1 (broadcast on RTÉ1 during January / February 1980)

1.1 – June
1.2 – July
1.3 – August
1.4 – September
1.5 – October
1.6 – All Saints Day

Series 2 (broadcast on RTÉ1 during January / February 1982)

2.1 – December
2.2 – January
2.3 – February
2.4 – March
2.5 – April
2.6 – May

No copyright infringement intended. I own nothing.


The First Holiday Wallpaper for 2021

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  1. Michelle Ayala

    That is wonderful news. ❤ This will provide a full understanding of how the episodes blend together. Merry Christmas to everyone in the Byrneholics universe.

    • Merry Christmas to you, too, Michelle! I should have Season 2 up in another day or two. I’m out in the country and upload times are beastly. But it works–eventually!

  2. michelle lekas

    Thank you SO much for “Bracken,” Stella and Aidan!!
    This is amazing…and Stella you need to send some push back to that rude, insistent YouTube commenter!

  3. GabrielFanWicklow

    Thank you so much for doing this. Greatly appreciated by my dad – a lifelong fan in Ireland.

    I’ve been searching for some time for a copy of Screen Two: All Things Bright and Beautiful.
    If anyone here knows if it can be purchased somewhere that would be amazing. The only place I’ve seen it is Prime Video US, though I’m a Prime customer it’s not available to view in Ireland/UK.

    A splendid website. A foundation of knowledge for Gabriel fans

  4. GabrielFanWicklow

    Stella, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. Thank you very much and a Happy Christmas to the Byrneholics community :)

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