The battle continues in 10 days! In the USA, anyway.

EPIX will air the first episode of Season 2 of War of the Worlds on Sunday, June 6 in the United States.

Some countries (I’m looking at you, France and Spain!) are already streaming this second series, while others will not see it until later in the Fall.

Also, in the UK and Ireland, the series seems to jumping from Fox to Disney+ so all you fans across the pond need to stay alert to that development.

New promotional stills

Gabriel Byrne as Bill Ward in War of the Worlds, Season 2


Julia Fernandez talked with Gabriel for the French news outlet Allocine in an interview published May 24. His commitment to the content of the projects he takes on has never wavered and, even when we wonder about his decisions sometimes, he always has a solid reason for accepting a role. I find this process fascinating. In this interview, he makes connections between the “message” of this series and the real world in which we find ourselves trying to survive today.

Part of the interview has been translated by Google from the original French:

In the series, Gabriel Byrne, an Irish actor discovered in Miller’s Crossing by the Coen brothers and who became an international star with the series In Analysis [Stella notes: In Treatment], plays Bill Ward, a renowned neuroscientist determined to find a cure for the aliens who have virtually eradicated humanity–in just a few days.

A big fan of the original novel, the actor found a relevant echo with current events when he was presented with the adaptation project a few years earlier: “At the time, I was asked what are the aliens in my opinion, and I answered the environment. I think that’s what these creatures represent, the real threat to humanity, and how we’re going to have to deal with it. “

“The power of this type of story is to make you, on an unconscious level, think about the world. When I read a script, I always ask myself: what is its content? What is its message? If in its content I find a good reason to get involved in a project, I do it. “

In this second season, Bill’s character finds himself devastated after watching his loved ones perish in the disaster. How to move forward when you have lost everything?

“He’s a scientist. Because he has an inherent desire to solve problems, he sets out on a race to try to find the solution to this horror. For me, that gives him still a strong reason to try to resolve this threat. It’s almost as if he is avenging himself, in reparation for the deaths of his wife and son.”

Through the development of a virus, Bill Ward tries in this season to analyze the aliens in order to be able to destroy them from the inside. For that, he must first understand what they are and where they come from … When double agents are not hiding among the survivors.

Indeed, this season 2 explores the idea that the invader can be human with, as a subtext, the idea that we are our own enemies, according to the actor:

“The idea for the virus was written before the pandemic. Sometimes there are trendy things that you stumble upon. But it’s not just about a virus in the literal sense: for me it also speaks to the virus of disinformation, and how we have all been contaminated by “alternative facts,” to use the expression of Kellyanne Conway (adviser to ex-President Donald Trump, editor’s note). Now people are struggling to define what truth is. “

Read (or translate) the rest of the article.


Face it, everyone. This is scary stuff. But the real take-away from these promotions for the second season?

This summer is going to be HOT! heart


  1. I am ready for Season 2 of this frightening , but original drama. May have to wait until the fall for availability in Canada.

    • Just as I hit “Publish” on this posting, I thought of you, Angelle, and others in Canada who will be waiting to see this . . . Sorry! I will be screencapping the episodes, as I did last year, so don’t let me spoil anything for you! <3

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