The writers of the Season 4 of In Treatment are such teases! As you know, the new series stars the amazing Uzo Aduba and employs the same construct as the original: two people on screen, one a therapist, the other a patient. Drama ensues. And we love it! We especially loved it when Gabriel Byrne was that therapist. How will we feel when someone else takes charge of the action? I know I miss Paul. But I’ll watch this. Eventually.

During the premiere episode on Sunday night, the eagle-eyed Josh found this gem, proof that Paul is still out there somewhere, emailing people, maybe still practicing, we just don’t know . . .

Thanks to Josh for this great catch! Blurry, but so very nice!

Put me on your desktop and enjoy the memories. heart

HBO’s In Treatment–the Original

So, as the reboot of In Treatment premieres on HBO, the premium channel reminds you that they still have the original series, so why not give it a binge?

Why not indeed!? Airing first in 2008, In Treatment ran for 3 seasons and changed the way we think about Gabriel Byrne, therapy, and serial television. Quite an accomplishment, no?

If you can get to it, then do watch it again. It is worth your time and, as the pandemic winds down to worries about variants and who should mask up and when, it is the perfect “stay at home and be safe” binge treat.

Paul is listening. Go talk to him!

Why Is In Treatment So Important To Us?

In Treatment became so important to me and so quickly, too, that I took my long-standing interest in and regard for Gabriel Byrne and developed this website, which is still going strong after 13 years! Now that is motivation.

Is In Treatment important to you? Why? Please share your thoughts–and your feelings!–in the Comments Section. heart

Are you watching Season 4? I love Uzo Aduba. But I’m waiting until all episodes of Season 4 are available so I can binge-watch the show. What about you?

The original series of In Treatment is just as riveting now
as it was when it first hit our television screens.
And so is Gabriel Byrne. heart


  1. Verónica

    You ask if In Treatment is important to me (in this case).
    You know, because I said this several times, that In Treatment in general and in particular Dr. Paul Weston is my all time favourite series. I remember when I watched the first Episode of the First Season. I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV screen. Gabriel Byrne hypnotized me and then began my obsession about these series. Yes, because it was not merely interest, it was obsession. I was able to sit on a sofa and watch Episode after Episode a whole afternoon. I was bewitched. There is no doubt every story was interesting and well acted but… the main magnet (yes, magnet) was him.
    Also you ask if I am watching Season 4. Well I have no HBO, though if I had it, I would NOT watch it. For me, In Treatment is Gabriel Byrne and without him, the series doesn’t exist for me. I clarify I don’t know Uzo Aduba and have nothing against her.

    • Verónica, thanks for this. Obsession is the correct word, I think, for many of us who watched In Treatment. I remember “back in the day” that the community of people engrossed by the series was loud, boisterous, creative, and really funny–everyone loved it, fought over it, connected to it. Gabriel Byrne was the central force, but the stories and the drama that surrounded him were important, too. It was a magical experience, somehow. I think anyone interested in therapy and in people would have been entranced, as we were. We had never seen anything like it. I don’t know how to recapture that feeling. It is probably impossible. I’ll watch the new series eventually, though. Because you never know . . . <3

  2. I still need to binge on all the Paul. There’s Gabriel, of course. The writing. The acting. HBO really gets it. Of course I’m going to binge-watch. Share my feelings?? I might be falling for Paul. You?

  3. This was the first show in my life that I couldn’t stop watching and thinking about how to understand and ask certain questions. Of course there was Gabriel which made made the learning curve easier. Hopefully I can get HBO! Thanks Stella!!

  4. Verónica

    Stella, you say: you never know. The only way I would watch In Treatment- Season 4, would be if somebody assure me the presence of Dr.Paul Weston in it. I don’t know in which way or how but no other way. By the way, somehow I admire you because your brain is opener than mine, evidently :-)
    In this case, I am like those horses who wear blinders, to look only in one direction. :-D

    • I’ve seen several people on Twitter saying they will not watch the new series. I can understand that. I love the first series and Gabriel Byrne and that will never change.

      But life is full of change. And here is one. Change is a challenge and I love challenges. So I will watch this. It won’t be the same, but that’s what change does. It makes things different.

      And as Bogey said to Ingrid: We’ll always have Paris. <3

  5. I’m going to watch Season 4 at some point. I loved In Treatment. The format was so original and its themes still resonate. Of course Gabriel Byrne was brilliant.

    • It’s funny. I am finding it really hard to watch serialized television. I do it–I watched THE EXPANSE in drips and drabs, I’m watching MARE OF EASTTOWN on HBO now, and I’ll watch WAR OF THE WORLDS as soon as it starts up in June, of course–but I don’t like it.

      I’ve been enjoying complete series on Amazon and Netflix for the past two years and I love being able to see 2 or 3 episodes and delve into the story and the characters. I don’t binge, exactly, but I do like more than 1 hour to be with a story and the people who inhabit it.

      Anyway, I’m sure once this new series of In Treatment is done, I’ll sit down with Uzo and her patients and then we’ll see what’s what. <3


    DEAR STELLA … I have no more words … the same as all of you, I miss so much In Treatment. I have it in DVD … In Treatment is very informative and moves us to very specials emotions indeed. I assist people with different troubles and this series was for me a great apprenticeship … thanks Dr. Paul Weston …

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