They’re back, and Disney+ UK has got them.*

War of the Worlds Season 2 begins Friday, July 16, with new episodes airing every Friday.

The story picks up a few months later, with our little band of survivors sheltering in place and trying to defend themselves, while Bill Ward, the neurogeneticist, works like a mad scientist to develop a method for destroying the alien invaders.

Could it be more intense than last season? It feels that way to me. The characters are familiar and we care about them even more. The dangers are worse, more complicated, and brutal. Moral dilemmas lurk around every corner. It is a roller coaster ride and the new faces that come along as the season progresses are both friends and foes.

This is nail-biting drama, but there is humor and human emotion, too.

So, get ready! And drop by to check out the War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode Screencap Postings once you are caught up!

*The series is advertised as being on Disney Plus on Star. I’m in the USA and I have no idea what that means. Good luck!

Gabriel Byrne as Bill Ward


Yahoo Movies UK, by Freda Cooper, contributor, July 15, 2021

War of the Worlds’ Gabriel Byrne: ‘Empty streets have new significance now’ (exclusive)

Talking to Yahoo about the release of season two of War Of The Worlds, he revealed the similarities between the new episodes filmed during pandemic restrictions and the realities of everyday life at the time. 

“An empty street in a city now has a significance that people truly understand,” Byrne told us. “They understand the terror and fear of an unseen enemy, of something we cannot control. If you have an invading army, you can see them. The virus is something that’s invisible and deadly.”

“When we were making season two, we were aware of the unpredictable irony of that, but it still had to come down to shooting the thing on a day to day basis and it’s still about the drama of the moment and you have to leave the big questions outside the door. 

“Literally, the pandemic was outside the studio and we were protected inside the studio. But as soon as you exited the building, you understood we were dealing with a fictional reality in there while outside, ten steps away, was the real world.”

Watch the video, too!

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    Really this is a double pandemic–in this moment all around the world, many people are fighting with the fear at this illness. And now with the new Delta, the reality is much more than the fantasy. My patients are fighting for their lives and the others … this is a time to be all together. I am so late for this, but ever waiting for Byrneholics. This news makes me very happy. EVER NEAR YOU THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL OF THIS STELLA.

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