While we are deep in Season Two of Howard Overman’s War of the Worlds (and some of us will not see this season until later in the Fall), we have the very good news that Season Three is greenlit and already in production in the UK!

New cast and new directors are noted below. The main thing? Mr. Byrne is coming back. And for that we all give a deep sigh of relief, yes? Yes.

Gabriel Byrne as neurogeneticist Bill Ward.
Right. I’m a scientist. Then what am I doing with this pistol in my hand!?

The Futon Critic broke the news:

Season Three of “War of the Worlds” to Premiere on EPIX(R) in 2022
Set-in present-day France and the UK, season three picks up as the war between the survivors and aliens reaches a new turning point and a terrifying phenomenon grips countless people across the globe.

EPIX Press Release

New York, NY – July 6, 2021 – Premium network EPIX announced today that season three of the blockbuster series War of the Worlds has begun production and will premiere on the channel next year. Written and created by BAFTA Award-winner Howard Overman (Misfits, Crazyhead, Merlin) and based on H.G. Wells’ classic novel of the same name, the third season sees the return of Golden Globe winner and EMMY and Tony award nominated actor Gabriel Byrne (In Treatment).

Set-in present-day France and the UK, War of the Worlds season three picks up as the war between the survivors and aliens reaches a new turning point and a terrifying phenomenon grips countless people across the globe. With stakes at an all-time high, one survivor sets out to investigate, forming a tentative partnership with another unlikely hero along the way. The pair will need to use every resource they have available to face an opposition more dangerous than ever in their fight, once again, for the survival of all humanity. Joining the ensemble cast are BAFTA-Award winner Molly Windsor (Three Girls), Ernest Kingsley Junior, Madeleine Worral and Oliver Hembrough.

Distributed internationally by STUDIOCANAL, War of the Worlds is executive produced by Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps for Urban Myth Films in partnership with CANAL+ and The Walt Disney Company. The third season is directed by Indra Siera and Jonas Alexander Arnby.

Mark Field (left) shared this on Instagram.
It’s nice to see them all smiling on that scary Season 2 set!

If we are lucky, Gabriel will be able to get out and about more during filming this time around, so stay tuned for possible candids and selfies at restaurants and bookshops and wherever he decides to chill out, while his character continues to try to save humanity. What a task! We wish him continued good luck and greater choice in snacks in the dystopic future.

Stay tuned for more news about Season Two AND Season Three! heart

Watch out! Season Three is coming!

A note about the header image for this posting:

The official Season 2 promotional materials offer only half-shots of Gabriel Byrne’s face in most of the posters and ads–one very dramatically colored image with fire and brimstone and the bluest eye ever and another that was softer-focused and more naturally toned. I combined these two pics of him to create ONE Bill Ward: the one needed to save the world. So there. That’s why Mr. Byrne looks a little, shall we say, two-dimensional in the header. wink


  1. Oh my! What good news. This series is riveting, and a must-see.

  2. Great news! I’m happy for them. Hopefully I can watch the show sometime. My reception is bad where I live. Congrats!

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