It’s getting complicated now.

People are separated. People are looking for each other. People are scared–even the alien people are scared.

And people are lying around dead all over the place.

Yeah. It’s bad. And complicated. This is what happens when there are global disasters, like pandemics roaring out of control or alien attacks that happen out of nowhere. The 21st century is not turning out to be as advertised, with all those flying cars, anti-aging miracles, and helpful robots. We want our money back!

These survivors don’t have that luxury. If they want to continue as survivors, they’ve got to get back together and keep surviving. Our stalwart hero, Bill, is weathering the worst of it–I mean, he’s still *alive* of course, but gosh! The challenges and obstacles and moral quandaries just get ickier with each episode. He’s hanging in there so far, though.

I wonder if he knows there is someone out there who shares his haunted eyes and has focused all of her energies on finding him. That might make him feel better. heart

This is the Nice Soldier. I like the Nice Soldier. Mostly. –Stella
Oh, that’s great. The Nice Soldier just left me here. And that is a dead body over there. Perfect.
Is there any kind of quandary besides a moral one? Because I hate these.
I’m napping. Contrary to popular thought, scientists cannot defy the laws of nature.
London calling to the faraway towns
Now war is declared and battle come down
. . . “
I liked it better when it was a swimming pool.
I know you’re under a lot of stress, Bill, but your hair looks really great. Global Disaster Hair. You’ve got it going! –Stella
How many times can I say “Zoe? Do you hear me, Zoe?” before it loses ALL MEANING!?
I’m just going to sit here in the dark and MAKE A PLAN.

Three more episodes and Bill can rest for a bit. Gabriel Byrne, on the other hand, is hard at work bringing Bill back into the fray for Season 3 of War of the Worlds at this very moment in–where? London? Wales? An alien planet? We’re not super sure where production is at this time, but it is IN PRODUCTION, and that’s great news.

Here are The Three Soldiers, in order, left to right:
Other Soldier, Third Soldier, and Nice Soldier.
They were ALL being nicer to our favorite Irishman in this pic.

Thanks to Other Soldier Mark Field for sharing this on Instagram!

All of the screencaps for Episode 5 are now available in the Gallery.

See you next week. I’ll continue to try to avoid spoiling the story for you. I will also continue to try not chewing off all of my fingernails when watching this story because a lack of fingernails makes it really hard to type. wink


  1. Verónica

    HAHAHAHAH Stella. Your way of telling the story is very funny. YOUR WAY. But the reality is not so funny and you are not the only one who is chewing your nails. I am very surprised on survivers walking between dead persons like nothing. Streets are full of them. Maybe they are use to that already. Well I will waiting for your story of next week, hoping it will be as interesting as today’s , and hoping too that you will say again: “Bill, but your hair looks really great” <3

  2. Love the pictures and your comments.

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