First up: new promotional images in honor of the debut of Season 2 of War of the Worlds in the UK!

We’re a team. Mostly. Some of us haven’t actually met yet . . .
And I’m the Team Leader. Well, Zoe is, but . . . it’s complicated.

Episode 6 turned out to be a watershed episode, as they say: major stuff happened, the plot took a twist, and we got an unexpected flash back story from someone we did not know. Also, the Bleak Factor went up another notch or two. As one viewer noted on Twitter, how can people run around outside with all those dead bodies lying about? And those buses? Full of–you guessed it–dead people. UGH. How do they go on?

How indeed. Yet another example of the possibly catastrophic future asking us the burning question:

“Well, what would YOU do?”

Bill just tries to get through each day the best way he can.

Eggs. I’m eating them. And NOT looking around at what else is on this table . . . <shivers>
See? They look just like us. Except more bloody and bruised, somehow.
Oh, go ahead and shoot me! I’m tired of this jacket anyway.
For all those who thought Dr. Bill Ward taught high school science: Ha!
That sign says “Faculty of Medicine” #ScienceIsReal
My old lab! It’s nice to be home again.
Napping enhanced by Hamilton Whiskey. I know. I’ve never heard of it, either.
What do you mean Room Rater gave my office a measly 6?! Look at all these great books!

Only two episodes remain. There are threads that need tying, justice that needs dispensing, and some people who really need to meet. Finally! Will it all happen?

Stay tuned! heart

And don’t forget the screencaps for Episode 6 in the Gallery . . . wink


  1. Thanks for the update. You know I’ve always wondered to how they feel about wearing the same outfit over and over.

  2. Verónica

    Hi Stella and you did it again: “Oh, go ahead and shoot me! I’m tired of this jacket anyway.”
    But your comments helps to feel less anxious about the whole thing. :-D
    Let’s see what happen in the 2 last episodes. A person told me that they are the most interesting.

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