I will not gloat because here in the USA we are about to see the finale of Season Two of War of the Worlds on Sunday!

This has been a spellbinding season: bleak as ever, and darker too, with more human violence and even more emotion. The complications hinted at as the first season closed are laid out, episode by episode, until now we are the precipice of decision-making. What will happen? How will this season end?

I’m not telling. But Canadians will find out soon enough:

Season 2 of War of The Worlds premieres on Wednesday, October 6 at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT) on CBC and CBC Gem.

From the CBC Media Center:

One of CBC’s most-watched dramas last year, WAR OF THE WORLDS returns with an action-packed second season in Fall 2021. Set in present-day Europe and based on the timeless story by H.G. Wells, WAR OF THE WORLDS is written and created by the BAFTA award winner Howard Overman (Misfits, Crazyhead, Merlin). After a series of brutal losses, the human survivors of the alien attack mount their own fight to take back their planet. It’s four months after the initial attack and Professor Bill Ward (Gabriel Byrne) has discovered more and more about the aliens. Most shocking of all are the undeniable similarities between the humans and the aliens – but Bill can’t find any possible explanation . . .

The Trailer

Promotional Pics

Gabriel Byrne as Bill Ward
The survivors
In the US, the series is available through EPIX.
You will see different promotional materials, probably.

The CBC Press Release with the new Fall Schedule barely mentions the series at all, but that’s okay. YOU know when it is scheduled to land on your screens now, so be sure to stock up on popcorn, drinks, and whatever stuffed toy you like to hang onto when the going gets rough in your favorite TV show. What?! You don’t have a favorite stuffed toy?

Well, now is the time to get one, believe me! heart

Teddy Bears are good friends to have when aliens threaten your existence.


  1. Verónica

    “What?! You don’t have a favorite stuffed toy?” hahahahah
    Stella, you always manage to say something funny and this time, in addition, a photo of two cute bears.
    About the last episode I will not tell anything this time, only that it will be very unexpected.
    I will be waiting for Season 3 as soon as possible.

    • The big finale is tomorrow night and I’ll try to get my last posting up on Monday or Tuesday. This has been a remarkable season and I can’t wait to see how it ends. I imagine we won’t see Season 3 until next summer, but you never know!

      Glad you liked the bears. I was going to use a pic of Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, but cuddling a little green alien baby while fearing the alien invasion seemed odd . . . :mrgreen:

  2. Thanks for the information. Still can’t get it here, but I’ve got my bear standing by!

  3. Well , I’ve been camping in Ontario’s back country the last two weeks with limited access to the internet. Just got back to the city and all the great news Stella is sharing. Waiting for Season 2 in October and Season 3 with baited breath. I have my bear, Stella. Not stuffed though. We spotted him about 50 away feet eating blueberries in Algonquin Park. Highlight of the trip. Will have to find something/someone else to cuddle during those WOTW intense scenes.

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