In a recent interview, Gabriel Byrne noted:

The idea of running with a gun in my hand, back and forth, didn’t excite me too much, really,’ says Byrne, who is father to a four-year-old daughter. ‘Just because I don’t want to do that. Being up and down stairs all day… and that’s why physical preparation was the hardest thing.

‘When you get a little older, you want to conserve your energy. You don’t want to wear out.’

Director Richard Clark obviously thinks Mr. Byrne is in great shape, because he spends his final episode directing Howard Overman’s “bold, contemporary reimagining of H. G. Wells’ classic novel” by putting Gabriel through his paces. The story is chock full of running up and down stairs (and halted escalators–the worst!), head butts, physical struggles, bloody noses, loping down alleyways in the dark night, and ambushes in various locales (movie theater snack bar, urban grocery–wherever there is food and water, prepare to be ambushed).

And Gabriel Byrne did it all. I don’t think anyone can duplicate his natural walker’s stride. So, kudos to him for actually being an action hero, even though he insists on playing it down.

Being a brilliant neurogeneticist is really his character’s super power, though.

And what does a neurogeneticist DO, you ask? They study both genetics and neurology, which looks at the development and function of the nervous system, as well as the role played by genes in its development. A big boost to this field of study was the completion of the Human Genome Project. Now tons of research dollars are being pointed at neurogenetics projects. We’ll all benefit in the future (assuming climate disaster does not get us first).

You can learn more at Yale, as the saying goes. A sidebar: What illness or syndrome causes Sacha’s hand tremor? There may be irony ahead . . .

In my continuing efforts not to spoil you, here are some screencaps with lighthearted, occasionally ironic, but mostly plot-empty captions. The drama is real, however. Don’t let these captions fool you. At the halfway point now, we return for Episode 5 with a new director, Ben A. Williams. Stay tuned! heart

Screencaps for Season 2, Episode 4 are now available in the Gallery.

You’re supposed to turn off your radio in the theater, Zoe. Jeez . . .
So, you want me to walk down the steps of a halted escalator in the dark?
Oh. I have a flashlight? Thanks a lot . . .
It’s okay, Mr. Byrne. I can’t open water bottles anymore, either. –Stella wink
This is not going to end well. I can tell. And all those stairs! UGH.
See? I knew this would happen. Ouch!
More stairs. Damn.
I have got to find a better hotel. And some socks.
Bill: What is it? Soldier: I don’t know. I thought you’d know. Bill: Well, I don’t know!
Soldier: Great. We’re doomed.


  1. Verónica

    Stella, tell the truth, you would like to be in that series, wouldn’t you? LOL
    Your comments made me laugh :-D
    But I don’t like to see blood on Gabriel’s face or anywhere on him.
    Well, I will do comments about this series once it is finished, ok?

    • Verónica, I do love this series, for many reasons, but I would not want to be in it. I’d be one of those people Zoe replaced. ;-)

      Gabriel is doing such a great job of showing us how an intelligent person can be brave and afraid at the same time. That is pretty rare in media these days. I really appreciate his portrayal.

      And I look forward to your comments once the series has completed! <3

  2. Verónica

    Stella, my comment wanted to be a little funny. Of course you would not want to be in this series, nor us :-D
    I will do my comment once the series is finished, and hope to meet unharmed Gabriel, of course. <3

    • Ha ha! :razz: My comment was meant to be funny, too! Actually, the thought of filming on that set during the Pandemic gave me the chills. I don’t know how Mr. Byrne did it. <3

      You should read my previous War of the Worlds posting for Episodes 1-3. Even funnier, I'm told. :lol:

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