The penultimate episode takes us deep into spoiler territory, but I have tried not to reveal too much from this action-and-plot-packed story. Something that we were reasonably sure would happen DID happen, so I don’t think you’ll be too surprised about that. Otherwise, my lips are sealed.

Episode 7 brought us the best of Dr. Bill Ward so far. He is as committed to his goal as ever, but he is also more present, more emotional, and more active than we have seen him lately. He is our low-key, quietly grieving, driven intellectual hero–called to action sometimes, but more often called to thoughtful planning and research. In this episode, he does both, and watching him put two and two together is very compelling.

He also tells someone to f*ck off and that was quite rewarding, even though his target is not the person at whom I think he SHOULD be throwing expletives. I will continue to cling to hope.

We know a lot more at the end of this episode. Will we get all of our answers in the last one coming up on Sunday?

Stay tuned!

And I always forget to remind you: Click on the image to see the larger version!

44 screencaps from this episode, including those below, are available in the Gallery.

Finally!!! Checkov’s Gun has been fired!!!
I know. I hate these things as much as you do, believe me.
Art imitating life. Get vaccinated, okay?
I wish people would stop pointing guns at me!
Let’s see. So far, I’ve been stabbed, head-butted, and now pistol-whipped.
I deserve combat pay!
Catherine looks like we do when we meet Gabriel Byrne in person.
These three hold the future in their hands.
Oh, not again!?

I’m working my way through a knotty problem, but isn’t this dark palette nice?

It’s so good to see these two scientists together at last.
And t
he poster in the background would be funny if it weren’t so sad . . .

Only one more episode to go! Isn’t it comforting to know that Season 3 is being filmed even as I type these words? heart


  1. Verónica

    “Catherine looks like we do when we meet Gabriel Byrne in person.”
    Stella, I don’t know what like to me more, if the story or your funny comments.
    Personally I would like to look like that, some day :-D
    Well, next will be the last episode of Season 2. I don’t want to do spoiler but they say this episode will be completely unexpected and someway pleasent.
    After that, the hated word by me: WAIT for Season 3.

  2. I can’t wait for the episode 8. I really like Bill, and this version of War of the Worlds. I really really can’t wait for season 3. It’s lovely that it’s being filmed already.

  3. Thanks for the update and pictures!


    As always I am so late . . . but ever present. I think like Veronica: Very funny your comments, Stella … and waiting for all the news about GABRIEL. We are very anxious for this series. I wait anxiously that in any way we can see it in Argentina. THE BEST FOR ALL YOU AT THE DISTANCE … TAKE CARE.

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