I sincerely do not want to spoil anything for those of you who are not watching War of the Worlds, Season 2, at this time. So my picture captions are kind of funny or kind of sad, and some are in-between, without giving away too much of the actual story or the plot.

I will say that I kept hearing Gabriel Byrne’s voice from the lovely Zoom message he shared with us while he was filming the second season in Wales, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each day all of the cast and crew were tested. He ambled (in his inimitable style–you will see a lot of his walking about in this new season) from set to hotel and back again and that was all: no restaurants, no bookstores, no sightings of him anywhere during this shoot.

How life collided with art so oddly, and scarily, is extraordinary to me. We are seeing the art part now in this new season of the series, and in the life part, the world seems to be on track to a recovery. Still, I wonder we all survived it.

And, of course, the tragedy is that not all of us did.

I imagine at some point I will be able to write something coherent on this clash of real life with the art of story-telling, but I’m not there yet.

So, back to the art part: Will our heroes survive Season 2? No answer to that yet. Bill is working his heart out searching for an answer, though, and the group’s new leader, Zoe (played by Pearl Chanda), is proving herself tough and capable. Both of them are faced with impossible situations that test them to their limits. And I’m only on Episode 3!

Six months have passed since we last saw our not-so-merry band of alien attack survivors. A lot has changed.

Episode 1

Bill found a new jacket and Tom got a haircut–and a big gun.
I’ll join you on this attack party if you like, Tom, but you’ll have to carry me back. My knees, you know!
Reliable response to bad news: #@*%%$!!^?!!!
“You know, Bill, I’m only in charge because everyone else is dead.” Zoe has a dry wit. Also, this seems to be a kitchen, but I don’t think that is dinner under that plastic wrap . . .

Episode 2

Reliable response to bad news: #@*%%$!!^?!!! + I have had a terrible idea
Sometimes wine is the only solution
Ouch. Ok. Now the gloves are off.
Director Richard Clark has to get creative with his shots sometimes. He’s working with a limited set, but he makes the most of it!

Episode 3

Oh Gabriel. I mean, Oh Bill.
Is Bill asking Zoe out to dinner or is he telling her all about his very bad idea? Tune in to find out!
Tired, but elegant, is our Bill.
And now he is tired and desperate. Sigh.

Expect Episode 4 shortly. I will try to be a little more prompt with these screencaps. There are only 8 episodes in each season of War of the Worlds, so we are at the mid-point of this story now.

And all of my screencaps for Season 2 of the series can be found in the Gallery, so check them out:

Season 2 Episode 1
Season 2 Episode 2
Season 2 Episode 3

In the meantime: Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Cool (if it’s summer where you are). And stay tuned for more! heart


  1. Oh my. Looks like very gripping drama. Thanks for not revealing any spoilers as we wait for Season 2 to stream in this country.


    I AM SO LATE WITH ALL THESE NEWS … but waiting ever for these. My work was very hard in these days, through this pandemic. This news is a gift for my heart. Thanks STELLA FOR ALL THESE for ever present in these pages. All my feelings …

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