Goodbye, 2020! Enough of you already!

We are ready for a different kind of Byrne. A Gabriel kind of Byrne.

I say this as domestic terrorists are storming my country’s capitol, in the midst of a raging and virulent pandemic, turning over desks and scattering papers and wreaking their particular brand of havoc on a very patient, but completely unruffled, US Senate, which proceeded to move forward with validating the election as soon as they were removed.

I’m done with 2020 and its malcontents and viruses. We need the artists and the writers and the musicians and the actors and the creatives of every kind to paint a picture of a different future for us. And we need our leaders and our electeds to pay attention to these visions. The earth turns and changes every day.

So must we. Happy 2021 and let us hope for better this year. heart

And now for something completely and differently Byrne-ing:

Walking With Ghosts

Gabriel’ Byrnes new book continues to receive glowing reviews as it is poised to receive its US publication next week!

An intense schedule of Zoom appearances is scheduled for his Walking With Ghosts Virtual Book Tour in support of the US publication of his new book on January 12. I am trying to capture these events in the Events Calendar, which you can link to on any postings page in the right sidebar of this website, but you should always check the Grove Atlantic Press page for his book to see the latest events news as well.

As you can see, Grove Atlantic is getting the word out!

The Byrneholics Book Page for the UK edition of Walking With Ghosts has been updated with some new pics, more reviews, and an audio excerpt, so be sure to check it out!

Death of a Ladies’ Man

According to the official website for the film, the release date is January 29, 2021.

I think this means Gabriel’s latest movie will be shown “in selected theaters” on that date. If it turns out that the film is streaming in some way, then we will all shout “Wahoo!” and run to our screens. But probably not just yet.

In the meantime, as we wait, here’s another still from the film to entice you . . .

And a goody from Instagram . . .

And, of course, you cannot watch this trailer too many times. Just ask me!


I’m sure Mr. Byrne would blanch a bit at that term (“Icon? Ha!”), but ’tis true. Check out this Vogue Magazine article, entitled “Why Has It Taken Me So Long to Get Over My Breakup This Year?” by Meehika Barua, a serious look at dating issues and psychological fall-out during the time of the pandemic.  As a Twitter poster noted:

My response to her: “Indeed.” heart

A blast from the past

During the holidays, Violetta substituted as our Facebook Administrator and kept everyone engaged and entertained with pics of Gabriel: in scarves, in hats, from his films and TV series, from interviews, from everywhere! She succeeded in surprising even me with this one, though: A behind the scenes image from a Miller’s Crossing costume fitting that I had never ever seen. Amazing! Thanks for all that Byrne-ing goodness on Facebook, Violetta!

What’s the rumpus?! This hat! heart

New Year’s Wallpaper

Note: Gabriel has said in more than one Zoom interview that there are projects in the works, but he cannot share any information about them yet.

So we will be patient and enjoy what we do have: a new book and a new film to get Byrne-ing 2021 off to a fantastic start!

Here are two versions of the Byrneholics New Year’s 2021 Wallpaper, using the image chosen for his new book cover. Take your pick, dress up your desktop or phone, and welcome the Byrne-ing New Year, which just has to be better than last year, right!? Yes. heart

With the greeting . . .
Or without. heart

PS. I changed out the header image for this posting because that lovely pic of Gabriel graces his new book cover and it seems to be the only pic of him we are seeing these days! I do love it, though. Enjoy the new header. heart


  1. Yes very true about ALL the domestic problems on both sides. We need our politicians to work together, but I doubt that will happen. We need to take time and a breath and look for the good, wherever that might be. I’m looking forward to getting his book, but not till Jan 21.

  2. Hey 2020, WE are still here.
    But you, 2020, are not.

    Happy New Year, to my new Byrneholic family. Sending positive energy to every one of you,
    and here’s virtual hugs, too.
    (Close your eyes and imagine big warm virtual hugs.)
    Unless you hate hugs, in which case, don’t.

    Indeed, it is hard to get over, Twitter poster. Indeed.

  3. Happy New Year Stella and fellow Byrneholics. I agree with your comments. Let’s learn from the shameful events of this week and be more vigilant about safeguarding our democratic institutions everywhere. Most of all, let’s support our artists to create a different vision for all of us, to give us the courage to confront racism, to speak out when we hear lies and propaganda, to denounce extremism and violence, to think for ourselves and to make politicians accountable.

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