So! Did you eat too much Halloween candy? Stay up too late watching Hereditary? Fall asleep waiting for Trick-or-Treaters who never knocked on your door?

Whatever your All Hallows’ Eve experiences, it is now November and the Race to the Holidays has begun!

The always-moving-at-light-speed Mr. Gabriel Byrne is . . . well, I don’t know WHERE he is, actually, but I’m fairly certain he has finished shooting both Season 3 of War of the Worlds, in England and Wales, AND his latest film, the biopic Lamborghini, in Rome and other lovely places in Italy, so he might be home. Where is home, you ask? More on that later.

For now, I hope he, and you too, will enjoy a lovely Fall season and bright and festive holidays. More on that later, too, probably.

In the meantime, here is The Byrne-ing News!

Death of a Ladies’ Man Update

Our favorite film to anticipate has been screening at USA film festivals this fall. In fact, Gabriel Byrne was just awarded the 2021 Jury Prize for Best Actor at the Newport Beach Film Fest, another win for his stunning work in this unique film.

Congratulations, Gabriel!

So, we want to see it! Where is it!? Anticipation is driving us C R A Z Y !!!!!

Producer Corey Marr tells me:

Our sales folks are still working on it and won’t be until 2022. We want everyone to see it but the pandemic has been a real challenge for indie cinema all over the world! I will keep you posted.

Mr. Marr is very kind to respond to my pleas on Twitter, isn’t he? And I know he is working hard to get this film out to us. So we must continue to be patient. Think of it as a New Year’s gift. Or perhaps a Valentine’s Day gift. Or . . . you get the idea!

In the meantime, Germany can anticipate this:

Lamborghini Wraps?

I believe filming for the new Lamborghini biopic has completed, but I can’t find the Instagram that tells me this is true! So, let’s wait and see. A new cast member was added mid-October, so shooting may still be on-going. I think Gabriel’s part is done now.

Here is Gabriel Byrne as Enzo Ferrari on, or near, the set, brought to us by Chiara Collia, the luckiest woman in Italy:

NEW Irish Arts Center Opens in December

The Irish Arts Center in New York City will open its new building and inaugurate its new season of arts programming in December!

This is the best news. heart

Gabriel Byrne has supported the IAC Capital Campaign, “Almost Home,” for the past decade. He has presided at annual fundraising galas, donned a hard hat for construction tours, wielded a shovel at the official ground-breaking, made videos, ads, and other media in support of the campaign, and generally offered his support in any way possible to help make this new building, and the vision it embodies, a reality.

And now it is.

Gabriel Byrne, Tour Guide Extraordinaire
Showing off the new building in September 2021

Next time you are in New York City, make it a point to visit this new home for all that is Irish in the Big Apple–and beyond!

Official Announcement

Wanna Buy a Cool Condo?

Now you know that we here at Byrneholics Online discourage bad fan behaviors such as stalking, invading someone’s privacy, gossiping about their private life, etc.


I could not let this go by without noting: Our favorite Irishman is leaving New York City!

Well, what we know is that he is pulling up stakes, as we say here in Texas, and putting his gorgeous condo in NoLita on the market, for a gastronomical amount (that’s an amount that’s so astronomical it makes your tummy hurt).

Of course, once you see the pictures of this beautiful abode, the price seems appropriate. The kitchen alone is worth hocking your current home and heading off to Manhattan (and I have a great kitchen already)! Close proximity to the Little Cupcake Bakeshop is a plus, too. Yummy.

You can check out American Luxury Magazine for a treasure trove of pics of this lovely home (well, you could, but their article is no longer available on the Internet. Sorry).

I do want to share a few pics with you, though, along with some observations. I don’t think we’re encroaching too far on Mr. Byrne’s personal space. I hope not, anyway.

First, the Living Room:

The floor. The spaciousness. Those windows. That fireplace. Wonderful.

Note especially, though, that chair with its lamp, and that painting.

Haven’t we seen the chair and the lamp before?

Portrait of Gabriel Byrne, by Kim Haughton

And the painting seems familiar as well, no?

Gabriel Byrne at home in Los Angeles, In Style Magazine, 1997

Finally, this is the Guest Room. It probably began as the nursery, and then morphed into their daughter’s room. I don’t mean to be nosy, but look at the poster! I love that Cannes 2015 poster, with Ingrid smiling at us. What a special festival that was! It’s lovely to see it displayed here.

I hope all of these things find their way to Maine, or Ireland, or wherever Mr. Byrne decides to “put down stakes” next. Moving is an upheaval and a pain in the ***, but the end result is home. Happy New Home, Gabriel! heart

There is more news, but you’ll have to wait a bit. I have been working on other projects and my wrist is a mess. Typing is, shall we say, challenging? So hang on and Part Two will come your way soon.

Meanwhile, here is a Flirty Gabriel in Fall Wallpaper. Enjoy! heart


  1. Croí na hÉireann

    I’ve been told if it’s been publicly released, in a magazine or elsewise, it’s not spying.

    Even if it feels like your privy to a celeb’s secrets when their wife writes a book. xD

    • Yes. I wasn’t worried about being “legal.” I worry about boundaries.

      Mr. Byrne is a very private person. I’m always dancing around the issue of “Do I share this? Do I not share this? I want to share this!” LOL!

      But those pics of his home in NoLita are so brilliant . . . I could not resist. <3

  2. Yes moving is a pain in the a÷=#! Well worth it in the end. I love my cabin so much don’t want to go anywhere!

  3. Hello Stella,

    I’m sorry about your wrist. Hope it gets better soon! Thanks for all this great news and congratulations to Mr. Byrne on the best actor award at NBFF for his compelling turn as Samuel in Death of a Ladies’ Man. Well-deserved win for a nuanced portrayal of the leading character. The film is grand and bears repeated viewing.


    SORRY STELLA! MY PC was so bad in these days and my work is very complicated. That is the reason that I am writing so late, but I’m ever present in these pages. With these excellent news, I am sure that LAMBORGHINI will be a film with a great impact like others of our GABRIEL. It will be wonderful to see all of his projects … EVEN AT THE DISTANCE IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY … But through these pages you are making it possible with these news. Wonderful the page HAPPY HALLOWEEN … VERY NICE … And I remembered, like all of you: STIGMATA, GHOST SHIP, HEREDITARY. EXCELLENT FILMS! AND WONDERFUL all the rooms of Gabriel’s house that cannot be lost. THANKS FOR ALL THESE, STELLA. Take care. ALL MY FEELINGS …

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