Update, April 2, 2024

Charlie Bird died on March 11, 2024 after a courageous and very public (because he wanted it that way) struggle with motor neuron disease. He made it to the top of the mountain (see below) and lived to be 74 years of age.

Read his obituary at The Irish Times to learn more about one of Ireland’s most well known journalists and RTÉ broadcasters.

Hail and farewell, Charlie. heart

Original Posting, April 7, 2022

April 2 was an amazing day!

And donations remain open until the end of May!

No, this is not poetry, but it is pretty epic, don’t you think!?

Donate if you can and celebrate Charlie’s triumph. heart

Goal Achieved!

From Irish Central

Charlie Bird has never flown higher. The most famous Irish news journalist of his era immediately went out and raised $2.5 million for motor neuron disease research efforts after he learned he had contracted the deadly disease himself.

There was no retreat into the shadows, no “woe is me” lament.  Rather, there was a full on response taking aim at the disease for which there is no cure.

Bird rounded up thousands of Irish to support the cause, and many of them tackled climbing Croagh Patrick in Co. Mayo alongside him on Saturday.

Croagh Patrick is a 2,500 feet steep mountain, fourth highest in the province of Connacht and a tough enough test for the fittest of men and women.

Charlie may have motor neuron disease but it didn’t stop him reaching the peak, both of the mountain and perhaps his life, by making it to the top unaided.

Read the entire article to learn more about Charlie’s career as a journalist in Ireland and the valuable work he did before he retired. This sheds some light on how and why he could bring so many together so quickly to causes important to him and to them. Fascinating!

Thanks from Charlie


And finally:

Read all about this amazing project at Climbing Croagh Patrick with Charlie Bird!

Charlie Bird and Gabriel Byrne




People like Charlie Bird give me hope.

And I hope his future is as bright and lovely as this project of generosity, compassion, and love has been. heart

Thanks to Irish Central for the fantastic photo of Charlie climbing his mountain. smile

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    Wonderful … Emotive, full of love and passion. I am so far away, but ever near you. I can’t stop my tears thinking of this special moment. I felt very close to you waiting for this. The best for him and for all people with this affliction. Incredible to live this moment. All those who can be near him–his words and Gabriel’s words. All of this knocks so hard in my heart. I am so happy for their success. All my feelingd from Argentina. This has been a lesson full of love. Thanks Stella.

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