This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows Gabriel Byrne: he has joined in the call to support former RTÉ presenter and journalist Charlie Bird in his efforts to raise awareness and support research for Motor Neuron Disease, following Charlie’s recent diagnosis.

The plan is for Charlie and friends to climb Croagh Patrick, a mountain in County Mayo, Ireland, and an historically important site of pilgrimage. April 2 is the date. You can climb with Charlie and his friends wherever you are, though, in addition to contributing to the causes he is supporting.

As of January, 2024, the official website, Climb With Charlie, is no longer available on the Internet.

Screenshots from Charlie’s Website

Gabriel’s Appeal


February 21

Gabriel Byrne has made an impassioned plea for the public to support Charlie Bird’s climb up Croagh Patrick in April. The Usual Suspects actor has already said he plans to join the former RTE presenter for the fundraising event.

…He took to Twitter on Monday to implore others to get behind the campaign which is aiming to raise funds for both Pieta House and the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association.

He said the climb on April 2nd has ‘taken off into a movement I don’t think Charlie or Claire could have predicted when they first had this inspirational idea.’

The Excalibur actor said people can easily get involved without climbing Croagh Patrick but could ‘climb a stairs or you can light a candle’

‘It’s about solidarity and it’s about friendship and it’s about joining together.’

The Gabriel Tweet

The Mountaineers

Charlie Bird and Gabriel Byrne
February 18, 2022

Charlie Bird on Twitter

Be sure to follow Charlie Bird on Twitter to stay updated!

Finally, here’s the mountain

Thank you, Gabriel, for being a shining light, especially during these dark and troubled times. heart


  1. For a second there, you made me think our man had an account of his own.


    I am so far away … BUT I will be present on this day, with all my heart and thoughts, in this special moment. I will kindle my candle for him and for all people like him who suffer. I will wait this day near you, and Gabriel, of course. All the best for this event. I will follow you on Twitter.

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