This is, without a doubt, one of the best interviews Gabriel Byrne has ever done.

Funny, thoughtful, provocative, vulnerable, daring–he does it all, and that’s due, in some part, to the insightful and well-designed questions put to him by his host, Tommy Tiernan. Gabriel turns the tables on him during the course of the interview, but it is all of a piece: two men talking about their lives, their experiences, their true natures. They both seemed comfortable in their own skins and that, it turns out, results in captivating television.

I’ve been feeling blue lately. Observing the anniversary of Alan Rickman’s passing, watching the last episode of my favorite space opera, The Expanse, finishing a favorite and well-thumbed book. Ugh. January can be the pits sometimes, can’t it?

THIS woke me up, shook me up, made me laugh, made me wish I could be in Dublin in two weeks time to see this amazing man on the stage, giving us his book in some new and innovative way.

Clip: Do You Think You’re A Strange Man?

Stella Could Not Resist

While the video was available at RTÉ, I grabbed some screencaps because that’s what I do, right?

Twitter Talk

There was a lot of response to this interview! If you searched “Gabriel Byrne” on Twitter, you saw tons of tweets from people who watched and were enthralled by this interview. It was unexpected and surprising, funny and serious, and it had people talking, which is always a good thing!

Here are two tweets that included video clips from the interview:


A variety of screenshots provided by a variety of social media places:

Finally, if you are in Dublin or can get there somehow, run, don’t walk, to the Gaiety Theatre and buy your tickets to Gabriel Byrne’s one-man show, Walking With Ghosts. His words. His stage. Once in a lifetime. heart


  1. Thank you for sharing a wonderful interview with us Stella!

    Nora from Norway

    • Nora, you are welcome! Oh, how I wish we could all take a boat or a plane or a hot air balloon–whatever gets us there is fine with me–to Dublin for this amazing experience. I am hoping for more performances in other places, in a world that is pandemic-free (or at least vaccinated!). I know. I know. But I can hope! Thanks for visiting here. Hope all is well with you. –Stella <3

    • We wonder if Gabriel had ever came to your country, Nora.

  2. Watched this on RTE Player. More like a conservation between two friends than an interview. Deep and charming.

    • Wasn’t it brilliant?

      From what I understand, Tommy does not know in advance who his guests will be. I read this somewhere. I can’t quite believe it, but the concept is fantastic. More impromptu, informal, and “dangerous”–great for a television show, but not so good for one’s adrenaline level, I would think. Anyway, that feeling of camaraderie may come from this to some degree. What do we have to lose? Let’s talk about anything! I love it.

  3. Kathleen Ann Callaway-Reed Eischeid

    This was a fun interview to watch, and learn from.
    thanks Stella.

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