Mary shares the story of her adventures in the UK and Ireland and we thank her so much! I put my comments at the end of each part. –Stella heart

Part 1

For the month of September I toured the United Kingdom–England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.
On 9/6/2022 I attended the Apollo Theatre in London’s West End for the opening night of WALKING WITH GHOSTS. I had read the book and saw the livestream from Dublin, but this was with the man himself, live on stage about 30 feet in front of me. As I was walking to the back of the theatre to find the Stage Door I heard a very familiar voice. I stopped at an open window with the curtain partly drawn and saw GB getting his stage make up put on. I am literally 3 feet away from him. I did stand there for a few minutes trying NOT to spy – quite the experience! GB did change a few lines from what I had seen before and it was a far less emotional performance. STANDING OVATION!!!

As I walked to the Stage Door there GB was again in the make up chair. I waited about 30 minutes, but he did not come out for autographs. Beautiful old theatre – Vivien Leigh performed there. Photos are by poster, by stage and at Stage Door.

Stella says: I am so jealous of my friend Mary right now! She and I met in New York in 2016. We saw Gabriel in O’Neill’s LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, which was such a dream come true for me. And now she travels across the pond to see him in HIS own play–I’m green with envy!

Part 2

In Dublin I toured the James Joyce Museum. I have a tape of GB reading from Joyce’s THE DUBLINERS, my favorite short story being The Dead. Joyce used this hotel as an inspiration for the Aunt’s home. I also visited Trinity College, GB’s alma mater.

As I was walking down Grafton Street I saw MADIGANS BAR. HMMM just a little reference to GB’s tv show in 2000.

Stella says: I have to ask Mary if she stopped by the James Joyce Talking Statue in Dublin. You can listen to Gabriel portraying Joyce in one of the many statues that are part of this very cool project. I stayed at the Gresham Hotel on my first visit to Dublin: very stuffy, very traditional, with a huge Christmas tree on display and tea served every afternoon. Loved it! I was traveling with a friend who did not enjoy alcohol that trip, so no bars for us and I missed Madigan’s as a result. sad

PS. Gabriel’s alma mater is University College Dublin. Trinity DID bestow the Honorary Patronage of the University Philosophical Society of Trinity College, Dublin, upon him in 2007, however, so that’s good.

Part 3

We toured the Guinness Brewery where GB’s father was a cooper–someone who makes the wooden kegs to hold the beer. It took a very skilled craftsman to make these barrels. Very interesting video and displays. 

Stella says: Mary told me to add this last section if I wanted to do so. We know Gabriel does not like Guinness very much. His father was made redundant by the company and that had a big impact on their lives. Still, it is a big business in Dublin and the brewery does a good job of showing visitors the history of the company in Ireland. I did not visit the brewery when I was in Dublin. I’m a Scotch drinker (now reformed). wink

Many thanks to Mary for sharing her adventures with us! heart


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