Deadline brings us the good news!

RLJE Films has acquired North American rights to the Western Murder at Yellowstone City, directed by Richard Gray (Robert the Bruce), for release in theaters and on demand on June 24.

“I’ve dreamed about the wild west since I was a kid, so to make this film with such a talented cast at our own western backlot in Montana is beyond my wildest dreams,” said Gray. “It’s the first film ever shot at the Yellowstone Film Ranch. It’s a really special story – a thrilling western. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

“We’re thrilled to be releasing MURDER AT YELLOWSTONE CITY,” added RLJE Films’ Chief Acquisitions Officer, Mark Ward. “The film offers a unique twist on the classic western and we look forward to working with the filmmakers and talented cast.”

RLJE Films is a business unit of AMC Networks.

You can follow RLJE Films on Twitter. There is a nice shout-out to the film at Cowboys and Indians Magazine by long-time film critic Joe Leydon.

Stay tuned for a poster, trailer, and promotional materials. I’m sure they will be coming soon.

We will start our summers off with a BANG, it seems! Can’t wait! heart

Galloping in June to a screen near you!

April 14

If that title sounds familiar, then you know what today’s Gabriel Byrne Update is all about.

If not, here’s a hint. PS. It was the 1950’s, so don’t yell at me! wink

Anyway, looking at some of the images from director Richard Gray’s Instagram as he toils in the editing room to bring Murder at Yellowstone City (yes, the title has been changed) to the screen for us reminded me of those rousing good old-fashioned days out West.

I think, however, that we are not in that romanticized and fictionalized West in THIS film. We shall see.

The News

Murder at Yellowstone City is in post-production. The release date is now set as June 2022. No word yet on where the film will screen. Netflix was mentioned at one point in the past, but it is not clear that is still happening. So stay tuned for more details!

One of the production companies involved, AMP International Films, has an entry for it at their website now, along with a new (possibly just a placeholder for now) poster.

Their synopsis for the film:

A place of secrets, a town of suspects

In 1882, a former slave named Cicero (Mustafa) arrives in Emigrant Gulch, a desolate former boomtown. On that same day, a local prospector discovers gold – and is brutally murdered. Evidence of the crime is found in Cicero’s room and the sheriff (Byrne) arrests the town newcomer. But as more murders take place, the town’s preacher (Jane) questions the accused man’s guilt. As the clash between faith and the law builds into violence the preacher is forced to take action, pick up his guns and return to a life he thought was put behind him.

Director Richard Gray

Here are a few representative pics from his Instagram, where he is “happydirector,” which is obvious when you read some of his comments. He is so thrilled and indeed HAPPY to be working with great colleagues in such a beautiful place and he seems to be relishing every moment involved in making this film happen. I feel happy just scrolling through his pics!

It will surprise no one when I declare that I am in love
with this silvery black and white Gabriel and his hat heart
Yes, Gabriel is playing the father of another Wolff brother!
This time around, it’s Nat. heart
You would know that silhouette anywhere, right?

Finally, there’s a new Instagram devoted to the film itself! I’m not certain who is responsible for it, but they are sharing some great pics, so be sure to check it out, too.

That’s Gabriel in the middle of the scene, at the table,
talking it over with director Richard Gray

As I always say: More news as it happens, so stay tuned! This film will be such a fun summer treat! tongue


  1. Corazón de Irlanda

    Just realized that Aimee’s gone from one devil to the other. Interesting!

    • Aimee Garcia was delighted to hear the news of the film’s release date on Twitter. It must be so hard to wait for news like that. And now we know! This summer is looking better and better . . . <3

  2. Looking forward to seeing Gabriel in a western again.

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