I should be making NEW Mega Movie Pages for you, and I am. Seriously, I am. I have one in the works right now. Trust me. wink

Still, it’s hard to make new Mega Movie Pages when some of Gabriel’s earlier movies get shiny new editions, new images, new STUFF that simply must be shared with Byrneholics everywhere. So, you are getting a bigger, better page devoted to the one, the only d’Artagnan, the Musketeer closest to our hearts.

The updated Mega Movie Page for Gabriel’s foray into swashbucklery, The Man in the Iron Mask, has new production stills from the film, revised information about the DVD and Blu-Ray editions, new screencaps from the Blu-Ray edition, new trailers and film clips from YouTube, pics of his costume, new fan art, and more.

Can you imagine a better way to start the New Year? We need all of the romance, bravery, integrity, and derring-do we can get these days, and Gabriel Byrne absolutely brings all of those qualities and more to his moving portrayal of d’Artagnan, our favorite Musketeer. The others are great, of course. But our hearts are true.

Enjoy this updated page. Be stirred by all of that Magnificent Valor. Be smitten with him all over again. And don’t forget to watch the movie!

All For One. All For d’Artagnan. heart

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