This time last year Gabriel Byrne was celebrating his birthday on the set of his latest film, wearing a black hat and laying down the law in a small mining town in Montana.

And now we are about to see him in action in Murder at Yellowstone City, which will open in theaters and also stream on June 24!

Check out the first trailer, trailer screencaps, and more treats below, and enjoy Gabriel’s gravelly voice as he tells you what’s what in the Old West . . .


The title is incorrect, but the trailer itself is GREAT!


From the director

Richard Gray shares his life on Instagram as “happydirector” and his life includes this film!

Here’s a black and white production still of our favorite sheriff:

Seeing these folks here. The best kinda people. Gabriel Byrne . And those clouds. Big sky.

And this behind the scenes shot is a treasure!

such ♥️ here. shooting a year ago, today. best people. Xo @murderatyellowstonecity @rljefilms Gabriel Byrne , Lew Temple , @its_isabellaruby
This moment was particularly special — as Izzie just nailed a really crucial take — and the reaction says it all.

Official Film Website

Is on the way!

Stay tuned for more production stills and an official poster which should be here soon! heart

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  1. Corazón de Irlanda

    This old man, he played one, he played nick nack with his gun… xDDD

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