July 25

Today is the day! Blue Finch Film Releasing tells us that you can now stream Death of a Ladies’ Man in the UK at iTunes.

So click that link and prepare to be dazzled by Gabriel Byrne in this unique and touching film! heart

July 23

At last! One of our favorite Gabriel Byrne films is coming to UK streaming on July 25! Death of a Ladies’ Man, written and directed by Matt Bissonnette, and co-starring Brian Gleeson and Jessica Paré, is story-telling at its most imaginative, inspired by the works of legendary Leonard Cohen. Set in both Montreal and Ireland, the place we spend the most time is the mind of Samuel O’Shea, Gabriel’s character. It’s a poet’s mind, now under incredible stress, and the journey we take with him is both whimsically funny and quietly heartbreaking.

Below you will find a new poster, excerpts from a new interview with Gabriel about the film, the official trailer, and the film review from The Guardian.

Patience is a virtue. All things come to those who wait. I’m sure there is a third aphorism, but I don’t have the patience to look it up! Anyway, the waiting is over, UK! Go jump into the surreal world of Gabriel’s latest film and be prepared to laugh, cry, and occasionally hoot with hilarity. And the music is so good. Enjoy! heart

PS. I don’t have the list of UK streaming providers for the film yet, so check your favorite sources on Monday. Once I get more information, I’ll share it here, of course.

New Poster


The Big Issue

Steven MacKenzie, July 23, 2022

Gabriel Byrne: ‘Leonard Cohen has been a soundtrack to my life’

The Irish actor’s latest film charts the decline of a womanising novelist against the backdrop of the Irish wilderness and a soundtrack paying homage to the Canadian songwriting legend.

In Death of a Ladies’ Man, much-loved Irish actor Gabriel Byrne plays Samuel O’Shea, a college professor in Montreal who’s given a terminal diagnosis. As his world slips between fantasy and reality, he must come to terms with ghosts from his past, his failings, loves and losses to find some sort of redemption. As suggested by the title, the film is inspired and infused by the profound words and music of Leonard Cohen. So when The Big Issue spoke to Byrne about the film from his home in Maine, who better for us to channel than Cohen himself, asking questions inspired by the legend’s lyrics? 

The Big Issue: There is a crack, a crack in everything, is that how the light gets in?  

Gabriel Byrne: We’re all imbued with this idea of perfection of one kind or another. And we all fail to reach perfection because it doesn’t exist in any area of life. I let go of the idea of perfection a long time ago.

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. It’s such a beautiful metaphor because it’s about hope. It’s saying there’s nothing so bad that there’s not some element of hope within. It also recognises that every person is imperfect. The crack is really the crack of failure, of not measuring up and that’s where the light gets shone. I’ve always regarded failure as much more of a lesson in life than success. Success is very ephemeral and fleeting. Whereas failure is something that you really learn from. . .

Is the notion of a ladies’ man dead? 

The guy in the film, he’s sexist and a misogynist. He believes he is entitled to behave as he behaves towards women. That idea has changed. A ladies’ man was often a euphemism for a guy who slept around a great deal. A woman who indulges in the same behaviour is called a slut. I like to think of a ladies’ man being a man that women like.

“I like to think of a ladies’ man being a man that women like.” Yes. That’s OUR ladies’ man!

There is more, so be sure to check out the entire article!

Official Trailer


The Guardian

Cath Clarke, July 18, 2022

Gabriel Byrne charms in Philip Roth style dramedy

The Irish actor is compelling as a womanising professor who begins to realise his best days are over, with added Leonard Cohen. star star star

If Philip Roth had ever switched his attention from the great American novel and decided to write a lightweight indie dramedy, it might have turned out like this. Gabriel Byrne stars as poetry professor Samuel O’Shea, who is a cross between one of Roth’s protagonists and Keith Richards: a hard-drinking self-absorbed womaniser with a penchant for paisley scarves and chunky silver rings. It’s an insubstantial little film with slimly conceived characters, but Byrne adds at least 10 points to its IQ score and makes it twice as watchable. . .

Read the rest of this short review.

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  1. Corazón de Irlanda

    As soon as you figure out who’s streaming it, we can all fire up our proxies and VPNs and have a grand old time.

  2. Gabriel is brilliant in this film. Do not miss it. “Ladies’ man” indeed.

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