It is always lovely to see one of Gabriel Byrne’s films get the magic touch–a new release, a director’s cut, or, as in this case, a completely remastered edition with additional footage!

Originally in theaters in 2004 and available on DVD soon after, Irish director Mary McGuckian’s re-cut and remastered edition is now available in Blu-Ray from Amazon US, complete with 40 minutes of film we have never seen. This version sounds much closer to the original concept the director had in mind, so we can expect a story that captures her original intent more completely.

Take a trip to the past and revisit Gabriel’s portrayal of Brother Juniper, an inquisitive priest who gets into trouble by asking too many questions, and enjoy the incredible cast, gorgeous locations, and the very touching story Thornton Wilder crafted and Mary McGuckian has brought to our screens. heart

Bonus points: Name Gabriel’s other, probably more famous role as a member of the clergy.


When the Bridge of San Luis Rey collapses, five travelers fall into the gorge below. Was it an act of God? In a faithful adaptation of Thorton Wilder’s classic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, a friar unravels the lives of those who died for an answer, upsetting the Inquisition of Peru’s articles of faith. Digitally remastered, this star-studded film is restored with 40 minutes of unseen footage.

Written and directed by Mary McGuckian, based on the book by American author Thornton Wilder.

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With a star-studded cast including Robert De Niro, Kathy Bates, Harvey Keitel, Gabriel Byrne, F. Murray Abraham & more, The Bridge of San Luis Rey Remastered is now available on digital in the USA & Canada . . .

Adapting Thornton Wilder’s classic novel, The Bridge of San Luis Rey Remastered tells a story of fate, belief, redemption & love. Set in early 18th century Peru at the height of the Spanish Inquisition, this timeless tale intertwines the stories of the victims who died with the collapse of The Bridge of San Luis Rey, exploring interwoven worlds as diverse as the aristocracy, cathedrals, convents, theatres, brothels and docks of Lima in Peru to the sea-faring conquistadors patronized by the courts of Madrid in Spain.

The Bridge of San Luis Rey Remastered has been restored and recut significantly (the version released in 2003 was substantially re-ordered into a dramatically different narrative structure without the writer/director’s approval), into a story order true to the underlying novel and features 40 mins of previously unseen footage!

From the film’s new Instagram account

Gabriel Byrne as Brother Juniper
in the remastered edition of The Bridge of San Luis Rey

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The Instagram for The Bridge of San Luis Rey Remastered is full of production stills and videos, so be sure to visit for all of the great content they are providing.

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