The premiere of this new stage work, Walking With Ghosts, written and performed by Gabriel Byrne, based on his best-selling memoir from last year, is set for January 27 at the historic Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

It will be a night to remember, so if you can go, then GO!

Let me assist you in anticipating this amazing event:

How to Get Tickets

You can purchase them via the Gaiety Theatre’s website.

Or you can win them (if you are a resident of Ireland, that is)!

Landmark Productions provides all the information you need about this production, the pandemic safety measures being instituted, and more.

The Irish Times Shines a Spotlight

Sara Keating’s article on Irish theatre in 2022 includes all the stage happenings planned for the coming year, including this:

Pics shared on Instagram and Twitter

First, the Great Big Huge Ad

From The Irish Times

Full page ad spreads in weekend magazines? Brilliant! heart

Then, the Trip to the Theatre to See What’s What

Exploring the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin during a site visit January 7, 2022

Mr. Byrne is the figure closest to us in the picture, carrying a backpack
and wearing a black mask (an N95, I hope), while scoping out his home for the next few weeks.

Finally, the Sidewalk is Full of Gabriel Byrne!

Some of us look like the Drama Mask on the right, yes? I wish we could ALL attend this amazing event!

Stay tuned for more anticipation, more details, and more everything about this remarkable new Gabriel Byrne project, one that I’m sure is close to his heart. I know it is close to ours. heart

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  1. Happy New Year Stella! Thanks for this glimpse from the Gaiety stage. Wishing I could be there, sitting in that imaginary balcony seat with you. The book is lyrical, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always moving. Will get the audio book I guess. Lucky Dubliners !

    • Happy New Year to you, too, Angelle! I would love to be in that theater with you, believe me. What a night that would be! Lucky Dubliners indeed. <3

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