The rumor started earlier in the summer and now we know it is true!

Gabriel Byrne will bring his amazing play, Walking With Ghosts, to Broadway in October!

I know there are those who will be lucky enough to begin making plans now to see it. I’m not jealous. No, not one little bit.

Like heck I’m not! Anyway, it is certain to be a stupendous experience and if you can go, go! More information is below including a BIG link to the Tickets webpage.

Congratulations to Gabriel on his success with this play. It has been so warmly received at each venue along the way and, as someone who was fortunate enough to see the digital version provided by Landmark Productions earlier in the year, I can tell you there is nothing like it. Gabriel wrote this story and published it as a memoir, which proved a hit! And now he embodies himself and many of the characters he recreated for the page on the stage, capturing the past with exquisite detail and shining a bright light on his experiences, first growing up in Ireland, and then setting out to find the great wide world and become an actor. What an artistic achievement!

Bring it to Broadway, Gabriel, and take the town by storm. Kudos to you, always. heart

From The Music Box website:

Gabriel Byrne’s Walking with Ghosts comes to Broadway for 75 performances only.

As a young boy growing up on the outskirts of Dublin, Gabriel Byrne sought refuge in a world of imagination among the fields and hills near his home, at the edge of a rapidly encroaching city. Moving between sensual recollection of childhood in a now almost vanished Ireland and a commentary on stardom in Hollywood, he returns to Broadway to reflect on a life’s journey.Gabriel Byrne on stage. In his own words.

The acclaimed Walking with Ghosts, written and performed by stage and screen legend Gabriel Byrne (Hereditary, HBO’s In Treatment, The Usual Suspects), comes to Broadway direct from wildly successful runs in London’s West End, Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland.

Adapted by Gabriel Byrne from his best-selling memoir of the same name, and directed by Emmy award-winning director Lonny Price, Walking with Ghosts is by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, a lyrical homage to the people and landscapes that ultimately shape our destinies.

“FOUR STARS a master of his craft” – The Sunday Times

“FOUR STARS Gabriel Byrne in spellbinding form … hugely entertaining” – The Times

“FOUR STARS Gabriel Byrne is captivating” – Financial Times

“FOUR STARS a consummate actor … funny, brave and affecting” – The Arts Review

“Byrne is a beautiful writer … a wonderful physical comedian” – The Guardian

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