Yes! He’s back! Here’s proof:

Broadway previews for Gabriel Byrne’s Walking With Ghosts, playing at The Music Box Theater in New York City, begin October 18.
Opening Night is October 27.
The play will run through December 30 for a total of 75 performances.
Tickets are available, so get yours NOW!

Are you going to see him on Broadway, you lucky person?! If you are, please leave a comment here and then share any pics you have on Twitter or Instagram, if possible. We would ALL love to be in the theater to see our man perform on stage because it is such an exciting and unforgettable experience. But not all of us can make it to the Big Apple, so if you can, and you do attend, everyone would love to know all about it! Thanks in advance. heart

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Times Square NYC

The official website for Times Square is getting the word out! They remind us: “A Landmark production, it comes to Broadway direct from highly acclaimed runs in London’s West End; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Dublin, Ireland.” And indeed, it does. This is the last stop (so far) for Gabriel’s amazing play and the perfect way to close out what has been an extraordinary set of stage performances by our favorite Irishman.

Actor Gabriel Byrne is appearing for four nights at the King’s Theatre in Walking with Ghosts
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The New York Times

The New York Times/Kalia Richardson
August 30, 2022

Byrne described the feeling of returning to the New York City stage as a soup of nerves and excitement. As both a writer of and performer in the show, he said he wants the message surrounding the human experience to be and feel universal.

He makes reference to what it means to be an immigrant and to be home.

“As soon as you leave your place of belonging, in a strange way, you don’t belong anywhere else,” Byrne said . . .

Lonny Price first directed Byrne in the New York Philharmonic’s “Camelot” in 2008. Impressed with Byrne’s performance, Price, who directed “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill” and “Sunset Boulevard,” said he was thrilled to work alongside Byrne again, as the actor embodies the friends, teachers, religious figures and family members that influenced his life.

“I think the play has a kind of healing quality to it where people look at their own lives and find peace,” Price said.

Byrne said that in the play, he aims to provoke the audience into thinking about their lives, their parents and their decisions.

“My own belief is that every single person has an extraordinary story to tell and what I’ve done is I’ve put mine down, not because I want people to think or look at my life,” he said. “I want people to look at their own.”

Fan Art by Stella

Message from Irish Arts Center

The New Yorker

The New Yorker/The Theatre
Walking With Ghosts

With his gentle brogue and his craggy, expressive face, the Irish actor Gabriel Byrne has been telling other people’s stories for decades. At seventy-two, he’s appeared in more than eighty films, as well as in a trio of Eugene O’Neill productions on Broadway. In 2020, he told his own story, in an impressionistic memoir that retraces his Dublin boyhood, his love affair with the stage, and his struggles with alcoholism. That book, “Walking with Ghosts,” is now a one-man Broadway play. (Previews begin on Oct. 18, at the Music Box.) Employing his gift of gab and his knack for transformation, Byrne plays a variety of characters from his past—among them his parents, his movie-mad grandmother, the actor Richard Burton (with whom he starred in a TV miniseries about Richard Wagner), a neighbor with “new teeth like a row of fridges,” and his younger self, the inquisitive, befuddled eldest child of six.— Michael Schulman

The journey from page to stage is such an amazing process to watch. Gabriel’s lovely and evocative memoir is now embodied on the stage by its author, who brings those pages to extraordinary life. Unique and unforgettable.

Gabriel’s play on Broadway has its very own website! You can visit it at any time to see the schedule for performances and to purchase tickets.

Finally, keep up with Gabriel on social media during the run of his play:

Gabriel Byrne on Broadway / Walking with Ghosts Official Show Website
Gabrielle Byrne on Broadway / Walking with Ghosts on Twitter
Gabrielle Byrne on Broadway / Walking with Ghosts on Facebook
Gabriel Byrne on Broadway / Walking with Ghosts on Instagram

Go forth and enchant, Gabriel. We love you! heart


  1. I wish Gabriel Byrne all the best with this memorable production. I watched a streamed version from Dublin and it resonates with me still. now.

  2. Dora Baralia

    Ever active and surprising, he comes to the public with emotions and feelings so deep and real. An exceptional actor. Always. I wish I were closer so I could enjoy WALKING WITH GHOSTS. Excellent are the photographs of WAR OF THE WORLDS. As expressed in the Sunday Times: a teacher in his office. I haven’t a little bear to watch it with. His words are wise. Always a great thinker. His words about WALKING WITH GHOSTS are also excellent: a window to the human condition. People will learn much from these words. Thanks, Stella, for your wonderful work and always bringing us the best news. All my feelings to you.

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