Gabriel Byrne heads back to the stage! He is set to do three performances of the play based on his memoir, Walking With Ghosts, in Wexford, Ireland at the end of the summer, before heading to his London West End debut at the Apollo Theatre in September.

After that? It’s New York, baby! No dates on the transfer of the play to the Big Apple yet, but it is being reported in multiple outlets that New York will see Gabriel Byrne on stage once again–and this time the playwright is his good self.


The two links in the article excerpt below take you to the theatre booking websites, so if you want to book any of these performances, click NOW because seats are going fast and there are not very many performances!

Landmark Productions Ireland

Gabriel Byrne on stage. In his own words. 

The acclaimed Walking with Ghosts, written and performed by Gabriel Byrne, will return for just 3 performances in Ireland this August prior to a West End run in September.

Adapted by Gabriel Byrne from his best-selling memoir of the same name, and directed by Emmy award-winning director Lonny Price, Walking with Ghosts will play the National Opera House in Wexford on 12 and 13 August, and the Apollo Theatre in London from 6-17 September. Both runs are strictly limited.

These performances follow a sensational sold-out run at Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre earlier this year.

Whats On Stage / London Theatre News

Award-winning actor Gabriel Byrne is headed for the West End this September for a two-week run of his new solo show Walking With Ghosts.

First seen in Dublin earlier this year, the piece is based on Byrne’s life (as a young boy growing up on the outskirts of Dublin before his journey to stardom) and the characters that have orbited it. The show will run at the Apollo Theatre from 6 to 17 September before it heads to New York. (<—see?!?! So exciting!)

The In Treatment star spoke exclusively to WhatsOnStage yesterday, saying “The West End for me has always meant more to me (moreso than Broadway, even though I’ve worked there three or four times). It’s where I had my first experiences of theatre outside of Dublin – so it had a faraway magical allure. I’ve seen some great plays there – so being there has been a great ambition of mine . . .”

. . . You have to be aware of the ingredients that go into a play – you can’t just do excerpts from the book. When I first worked with Lonny [Price, the director] we had such a collaborative approach – we wanted to make people laugh, think about their own lives and come away with an understanding of the bigger themes.

So, Hey Mr. Byrne! We’re supposed to be giving YOU presents for your birthday. And here you are giving us more chances to see you on stage–in three different countries! THANK YOU and break a leg (metaphorically speaking, of course!)! heart


  1. Verónica

    Well, Congrats to Mr.Byrne for his tour.
    It is a pity he does not imitate his colleague Robert De Niro. He came to Argentina to shoot several episodes of a movie with Argentine actors.
    South America exist too, with admirers.
    Good luck in Ireland, London and USA!!!!

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