The reviews are in and Gabriel Byrne’s play, Walking With Ghosts, now on Broadway, is making people laugh and breaking hearts to great acclaim!

The message below about the play from Irish Arts Center in New York City dropped into my email inbox this morning and I wanted to share it with you for two reasons:

Gabriel is an ardent ally of the IAC, as you know. And now they are supporting him as a co-producer for his play. I think that’s lovely, don’t you?

And the comments from Aidan Connolly, Executive Director of the IAC, are so heartfelt–I wanted you to see how the play has touched him.

I almost never present “copypasta” in my postings here, but today I am sharing this yummy bit with you verbatim. I hope you will have an opportunity to take Aidan up on his Ticket Savings Offer and see the show!

A message from the Irish Arts Center

Dear Friends,

Every now and then you have a night in the theatre that touches you profoundly, that breaks through the superficiality, the groupthink, the noise of the moment, and reaches you in the special part of your brain where your heart and soul reside.

I’ve seen Gabriel Byrne’s Walking with Ghosts three times now—once in a livestream from Dublin, once in London, and most recently on Broadway, where it’s in a very limited engagement at the Music Box Theatre. 

It’s one of the most beautifully acted one-man shows I’ve ever seen—irreverently funny, enrichingly detailed, and highly entertaining—reminiscent for me of Christopher Plummer’s turn as Barrymore, which bowed at the very same Music Box Theatre 25 years ago this week.  

But actually, that’s not what makes it special.

The great gift of Walking with Ghosts is right there in the title. As you spend an hour or two with Gabriel in the quiet of the theatre, you’ll find yourself reliving treasured moments with your own loved ones, including those passed on from this life, awakened in your heart and mind by the generosity of Gabriel’s evocative performance. 


Irish Arts Center is proud to help support this extraordinary work as a co-producer, and we encourage you to go see it! Save 20% on tickets through November 15 with the code GHOSTS20.

And after you see the show—or if you already have—tell your friends and family, and share your thoughts on your favorite social media channels.

Thank you—we look forward to seeing you at the Music Box!

Signature of Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly
Executive Director

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