His grandmother. Neighbors. Friends. His dad. Richard Burton.

Gabriel Byrne invokes them, channels them, reveals them in his once-a-book-now-a-play, Walking With Ghosts, and we get to cherish them right along with him in this brief trailer that manages to pack a wallop of humor, drama, and story-telling in just 2+ minutes.

The trailer will have you clicking on your keyboard or poking on your phone to get tickets to stream this amazing piece of theater that has magically made it to the digital realm and will be streaming through any screen you want, anywhere you want, starting February 26.


This is once-in-a-lifetime stuff. Dublin knew it. They packed the seats and applauded until their hands hurt, and even then they managed to tweet and comment and Instagram their pleasure, appreciation, and love for this wandering native son.

We are lucky to see it at home and the video below will give you an idea of just how lucky we are!



Many thanks to Landmark Productions for sharing the video on YouTube and to Violetta, our Facebook Administrator, for discovering it!

We are, as we like to say, “fizzing with anticipation!” heart


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Looks fantastic.
    I have now bought the ticket so I can view it on internet.
    Gabriel is so talented with writing and to perform it.
    Just wonderful!

    Nora from Norway

    • I’m so glad, Nora! I knew you would want to see it. Just one more week and then we will be like all those lucky Dubliners who sat in the dark theater and watched him perform his magic. Can’t wait! <3

  2. Thanks Stella. Mr. Byrne is truly awe-inspiring — and funny. I have my virtual ticket, but this trailer is perfect timing. I needed this.

    Angelle from Ottawa, Canada

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