Got your ticket? Stocked up on popcorn? Your beverage of choice is in the fridge? Good!

Tomorrow is Saturday, February 26: the day we have all been anticipating since that day in January when Gabriel Byrne first walked out on stage at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin and brought his book to life.

Here are two teasers that offer a hint of the greatness to come:

Leave a comment here once you’ve had a chance to watch–I know you will want to share your reactions and feelings about this show because everyone who has seen it can’t seem to stop talking about it–and let’s celebrate this amazing gift that Gabriel has given us!

Comhghairdeas ó chroí, Gabriel! heart heart heart


  1. What an incredibly moving and intimate experience. Mr. Byrne conjures living vignettes, some hilarious, some mournful, seen through his childhood eyes. Then in the second half, the man he has become reflects on family, his craft and overcoming alcoholism with gentle confidences to the audience. His seamless portrayals of so many characters, his physicality, his love of home, or the ghosts, he says are now within him – what lyrical poetry, what truth. Thank you Mr. Byrne. Thank you to Lonny Price and to the entire team – Bravo !

  2. Walking with Ghosts or should I say Walking with Gabriel was a very deep and emotional experience. I saw it om my computer here in Norway just now. I laughed many times and I cried several times. He moved me so much. Gabriel Byrne is in fact a genius. He can reach us with his word and with his acting like no one other. He is so real and human. He touches my soul and my thoughts and my feelings. I am overwhelmed. I am very thankful to him for his words and his powerful performance. You must all see it if you can. Streaming is a good thing!


    I DON’T DOUBT that WELCOME of the HOUSE … HE DESERVES ALL THE SUCCESS. Not only for his great trajectory, but also for the depth of his feelings and the reality of his life. I don’t doubt that this moment was wonderful and full of emotions. I am late because of my work but very grateful for these pages that enable me to know all about GABRIEL, his news, videos that will not be lost. I AM VERY HAPPY TO ENJOY ALL OF THIS at the distance. A righteous man strong in his actions and in his life–all my admiration for him. He inspires love in our hearts with his hard life and his truth. THANKS STELLA, TO YOU AND VIOLET FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR ALL of US … ALL MY FEELINGS.

  4. I was speechless after the show. A roller coaster of emotions. So deep,honest and heart warming. Beautiful performance. And I would so love to see it again. Is there any way where you can buy a dvd?

    • Hi, Miriam. Where did you see Walking With Ghosts? I envy you the experience of being in the theater to see Gabriel’s play!

      I am emailing you with additional information. Thanks for visiting Byrneholics Online.

      Stella <3

    • Oh, I wish I could see the play. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see it in a theatre nor in the time-bound streaming. I would also like to know if there is a possibility to find a dvd or any different digital form of the recording.

      Have a good day!

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