London. The Apollo Theatre. Shaftesbury Avenue. Lights! The red curtain! A packed house!

Going to the theater in London is such an exciting and magical experience. Imagine all of the lucky people sitting in their seats, waiting for Gabriel Byrne to enter, stage right (I think), walking towards them and speaking the words of his book, conjuring up images and feelings and memories from his past: dreamy, wistful, then hilariously funny, and then deeply moving, hauntingly sad . . .

Gabriel’s play runs September 6 – 17 in London and you can still get tickets, I think!

From a happy London theater-goer
From the theater’s website–click for booking tickets!
Apollo Theatre, London
Copyright Richard Southall/Justyna Ptak

A London Interview

And here is the full interview!

A Royal Coda

Within the space of a day, the world changes.

Queen Elizabeth II of England has died. Her obituary at the BBC tells the story of her long and illustrious life. She presided over a kingdom that experienced change at an eye-watering pace, and she did so without making any apologies, with good humor and grace. The future of that kingdom, and indeed of the world, is an unfinished story. Who knows what will happen?

She did her part. Her work is done. May she now rest in peace.

Queen Elizabeth II, RIP
Keep Calm and Carry On


  1. Bravo ! I’ve been reading some great reviews of the “beguiling” Mr. Byrne. An incredible achievement!

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