This is just a small taste of last night’s events at the world premiere of Gabriel Byrne’s one-man show, based on his book, Walking With Ghosts. The Gaiety Theatre was filled with friends, colleagues, and theater-lovers and they loved the stories he told and they loved the man himself.

I will prepare a longer, more in-depth “capture” of the night, fear not. Plus there are now so many photos to be added to the Gallery! And reviews to be read and quoted for you here. So, stay tuned, as always, for more. For now, think of this as an amuse-bouche: tasty, exciting, and bite-sized.

The World Premiere

A Tweet Slideshow from Colleagues and Fans

More tweets, reports from those danged lucky fans who attended, and reviews will be coming soon. I’m in Texas, however, and a big winter storm is headed our way, so I’ll apologize in advance in case I’m tardy in bringing you the Party! wink

Streaming News

Yes. Yes. Yes. It is happening! Here. I’ll just tweet myself:

Thanks to Fellow Byrneholic Mary, one of those danged lucky fans who attended the premiere, for sharing this page from the official program booklet. heart


The dates for the play to stream online are February 26 – March 4, 2022.

You will register and pay online at the Landmark Productions website. This is not turned on yet, so we must wait. Keep your eyes on their website. You can also join their mailing list and get an alert that way.

The announcement notes: Available Worldwide! That’s brilliant!

Here’s a larger image because you know you want to have it for your desktop, yes?

And More!

Ok. Not much more at this time. However, there IS this, from Irish photographer Barry Cronin:


  1. We’re so damn happy that this is being available for everybody around the world to watch!!!! But the bad news is, we still gotta pay

    • Having this play available on a world-wide basis is worth the cost.

      Can’t wait to see what editor and videographer Hugh Chaloner creates for us! <3

  2. Nicely said Stella. A lot of talent, labour and technical costs involved in recording a play. Quite a challenge really as live performance is an immersive experience not easily captured. I am confident that we will get a brilliant, professional production. I am so looking forward to this.

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