Opening Night, 27 October

Tonight is THE night! Byrneholics Everywhere wish you all the best, Gabriel Byrne! And, from those of us who are NOT there tonight, we wish we were! Have a spectacular evening bringing your brilliant story to Broadway. Love, luck, and break a leg (or a chair!)! heart

Taking a bow on the Broadway stage after a preview performance

From Playbill today:

“What an honor to be on Broadway again, especially in a glorious venue like the Music Box,” said Byrne. “It was a real joy to hear laughter in a theatre during the premiere run of Walking with Ghosts in Dublin. I’ve chosen to be honest and unflinching in the recounting of a life from working class Dublin to Hollywood. Although rooted in the local, I hope the play has a universal resonance.”

Byrne returns to the Broadway in his fourth production, having previously starred in A Touch of the Poet, as well as A Moon for the Misbegotten and Long Day’s Journey Into Night for which he received Tony nominations. With over 100 screen acting credits to his name, he has also starred in films such as The Usual SuspectsExcalibur, and The Man in the Iron Mask.

My hair is not quite this silver, but that’s me, wishing I were there, watching you! heart

October 23

heart Opening night for Gabriel Byrne’s play, Walking With Ghosts, is Thursday, October 27! heart

In previews at the Music Box Theater in New York City since October 18, the audience response has been warm and enthusiastic. It seems New York audiences are similar to audiences in Dublin, Edinburgh, and London–they all love Gabriel!

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Broadway World

Gabriel and his director, Lonny Price, both talk about what it means to bring Gabriel’s play to Broadway in a brief video interview which cannot be embedded here, so click the link above and watch!

Gabriel Byrne speaks with Richard Ridge about returning to Broadway

Another Broadway World article introduces you to Gabriel and outlines his previous Broadway successes. Broadway World is doing a very nice job of promoting Gabriel’s play and that makes us happy!

Playbill also interviews Gabriel and his director in a video that cannot be embedded here, so click the link and watch them both shed light on the play and its meanings–for them, and for us.

Gabriel Byrne discusses his play in this brief interview with Playbill

Anyone who has had the great pleasure of seeing Gabriel’s play in the theater will tell you that it is an enthralling, magical, and unforgettable experience. How he captures so many different characters, while at the same time maintaining his own voice throughout the “story” of the play, is extraordinary. Gabriel is juggling a host of roles in this endeavor–writer, playwright, actor, publicist, interviewee–and looking at a mountain of performances ahead. I give him all the kudos in the world for taking on this challenge and I wish him all the best in what I know will be a thrilling success. heart

Up on the Marquee!
Playbills Galore!

You can keep up with Gabriel on Broadway at the following links:

Gabriel Byrne on Broadway / Walking with Ghosts Official Show Website
Gabrielle Byrne on Broadway / Walking with Ghosts on Twitter
Gabrielle Byrne on Broadway / Walking with Ghosts on Facebook
Gabriel Byrne on Broadway / Walking with Ghosts on Instagram

And of course we’ll be following up on his Broadway activities here, as always!

Go, Gabriel! Break a leg! Toi, toi, toi! And all those other stage sayings for Good Luck to You! heart

Sláinte, Gabriel!


  1. This has been an unequivocal success in Dublin, Wexford, Edinburgh, followed by these exciting NYC previews ! Wishing Mr. Byrne and his audience a wonderful opening tomorrow night. ❤️

    • Yes, Angelle! And London, too! Can you imagine making your West End debut in a hit play you wrote, based on your own smash hit memoir, with award-winning YOU as the only performer on stage!? I think that is fabulous!

      I’m sure Opening Night will be a grand time for all! <3

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