Updated January 31

I told you there might be good news on the way, and it turns out, there is!

Hugh Chaloner is a videographer and editor living in Dublin.

He will be filming Gabriel’s Play during this week. That sigh you hear is the collective sigh of Byrneholics Everywhere breathing a BIG sigh of relief at this brilliant news!

You can visit Hugh’s website to see his Edit Reel and to get a feel for his work. And he is obviously on Twitter, so you might want to keep an eye on him there for awhile. wink

More details on when and how this recording will be available as soon as they happen!

Finally, shared on Twitter, here’s Mr. Byrne shopping at Hodges Figgis, Ireland’s oldest bookstore, and signing some copies of HIS book for them. Notice the shelf of those beauties behind him? Imagine being a film and stage actor and walking into a lovely bookstore and there is YOUR book sitting on the shelves. That must be so much fun. heart

January 30

Gabriel Byrne wrote a book, a memoir, entitled Walking With Ghosts. It received rave reviews and touched many hearts around the world. He took his book and, through a magical alchemy all his own, transformed it into a play. Then he brought his play to his hometown, Dublin, and to his old stage home, the Gaiety Theatre. And Dublin and the Gaiety welcomed him with open arms and thunderous applause!

“The most amazing piece of theatre I’ve seen in years.”

“Gabriel Byrne is incredible.”

“He held a mirror out for all of us.”

“One of the most personally brave things I’ve seen an actor do.”

Twitter responses on seeing Gabriel Byrne’s Walking With Ghosts at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin

Check here for tickets!

The play began previews at the Gaiety Theatre January 27. The official premiere is February 1, so we should see formal reviews after that. The final performance will be February 6. It’s going to go by very quickly!

Below are production pics and heartfelt responses from fans and theatregoers. The general reaction to Gabriel’s Play is tears, laughter, appreciation, and respect for this actor who is “one of ours.” A standing ovation each night. And a sense of celebration: so happy to be out and going to the theatre again and so happy to see Gabriel Byrne on stage in Dublin!

production photos

Landmark Productions has provided these wonderful production pics of Gabriel, photographed by Ros Kavanagh. You will see them in various Irish news outlets now.


There are no official reviews yet, so what you will find below are reviews from attendees and fans. Twitter is so useful at times like these!

Patrick got the first selfie with Gabriel, I think! heart

Frances Thornbury shared these pics on Twitter heart

Dublin theatregoers

Dublin turned out for Gabriel’s Play. Pandemic restrictions were removed just prior to the opening and tickets began to fly out of the ticket office. To see what it looked like, visit the Landmark Productions Twitter and Instagram. They really captured the feeling of anticipation!

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s lovely to see.

and finally. . .

Adam Walker got a great selfie with Gabriel!

Stay tuned for more as Gabriel’s Play continues. Reviews will be forthcoming, and more Twitter, of course!

And there MAY be good news for Byrneholics Everywhere regarding seeing this play someday soon. Oh, and you may say that, but I could not possibly comment. wink heart


  1. OMG. Can it be true ? I really hope that this play is streamed internationally. Having been priviledged to see him perform on stage in 2016, and having read his book, I can only imagine an extraordinary ❤ experience.

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